Oz The Great & Powerful Review

We have decided to Review the Much Anticipated Oz The Great and Powerful and I have to admit to being very surprised. But On to Our Review, We remind you these are our opinions only.


This is a prequel to The Wizard of Oz and I Must admit the trailer’s are a tad bit misleading. This starts out with Oscar “OZ” as a circus Magician who is a con-man and slight illusionist, who escapes His Kansas Circus to avoid a angry father who just found out his daughter was sleeping with Oz. While flying through the tornado he finds God and Remarkably arrives in the Beautiful Oz. There isn’t any reasoning why the beginning is in black and white and Oz is color but It’s Minor.
His first contact is Theodorra the Witch and First in new land of Women who he wants to use and make broken hearted. She believe’s in him and falls in love with him as they make their way to Emerald city via yellow brick road after escaping the vicious flying monkey’s that the wicked witch sent to kill Oz. In Emerald City he meets Theodorra’s Sister Evandorra another witch with a secret who is the advisor to the Emerald City, another of Oz’s Conquests altho it isn’t shown until later.

We fast Forward and Oz heads off to steal wand of wicked witch to stop her along the way gathering 2 other companions, a flying monkey bellboy, and China a real china doll who I feel steals the show. Also there is a few tidbits that are so minor if your not paying attention you miss the reference to the scarecrow and cowardly lion, or even why the cowardly lion became a coward. We find out Evandorra is actually the Wicked witch, Glinda is the good witch and Theodorra thru her sisters trickery becomes a truly wicked witch turning from beauty to beast with a hunger for vengence.

In the End Oz with Much Illusion and trickery forces the witches to leave Oz Forever and offer’s Theodorra a chance to return if she ever finds goodness again, telling her the reason this happened was not her fault but hisĀ  in which she replies “NEVER”. Oz is Free and We See Oscar Dead and the Wizard Born and the Chair and Illusions set as he warns When those 2 witches return, and they Will everyone MUST believe in Oz.

All in all a very good movie, very little CGI which is welcome in this day and Age and Did you catch the spot in the beginning where you hear about Dorothy’s Mom and Dad getting Married.

We rate this Movie a B As we had a few issues with the slowness of the initial beginning, Credits Running at beginning of Film, and the fact this film even tho it is a prequel to Wizard of Oz also sets a stage for if they should ever decide to do a after movie like a finale to wizard of Oz which has been done over the years with a failed animated Return to Oz and most recently which we enjoyed Syfy’s TinMan which was a return to Oz almost 100 yrs later.

We want to hear what you thought of the Film…