Zombie Kareoke


Well doomsday came and went with not as many parties as I remember from the 80’s. However tonight at Grafton St pub in hauppauge,ny it was a different type of  night..Zombie Apocalypse night with zombies, beer, karaoke and Jessica’s birthday…The Whole Staff dressed as Zombies and urges Customers to do the same and most did. It was a fun night and Sal’s Karazee Kareoke.

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Buffalo Wild Wings Review

Well Most of you Know I am a fan of Wings….Most of the Summer I goto every Bar I can find that serves Wings and after visiting some places on fire island I made the slide over today to Buffalo Wild Wings In Bay Shore, NY in the South Shore Mall. Now let me tell you looking at it from inside the mall is very deceiving as it looks so small, until you enter the main entrance out front and see how truly big it is.
When I entered I was Seated and had a Remarkably CUTE waitress named Amelia who basically Popped my Buffalo Cherry so to speak. Yes this was my first time and she was Gentle, Describing all the beer’s on tap and all the specials and such I found it hard to keep my eyes off her beautiful face.
So I ordered the Lunch Special Traditional Wings with Honey BBQ Sauce and a root beer, all the while fascinated by Amelia’s Smile.
I have to say the meal was delicious and the Wings were NOT spicy as you expect wings to be on Long Island but they definitely were Delicious. The Only Down side was Finishing and having to say goodbye to this Adorably Cute Girl if I was younger I would definitely have had to ask her out. But I will admit I tried to flirt with her and failed….
So if your ever in the Mood for Delicious Wings and find yourself near Bay Shore,NY, Head on over to the Mall and into Buffalo Wild Wings, Ask for Amelia and Enjoy the Most Delicious Wings in the Area.

NYCC 2012 Review

All is Quiet, The Costumes are put away (for some), The Celebrities back to their private lives and the Fan’s Dispersed….

Im talking about NYCC Oct 13, 2012 as we Paid for our membership today after erroneously being Denied press access by the convention for no reason (that’s another story soon to be on Public News so we can’t discuss it yet..YET)
But I digress and this is about my 1 Day Experience at NYCC Jacob Javits Center and its a No holds barred Review with comments from myself as well as Overheard from a few hundred people…

We arrived at 8:30Am at Jacob Javits, Entered the green Doors and were put down in the basement warehouse for the Queue where we waited from 8:30am to 9:45am and then they allowed us up into the show floor which we reached at 10am. Now I myself understand about how new york has Union Rules but for the life Of me And 30 others we can’t understand why they can not open the show floor say 1 hour earlier, say 9am and then have their panels at 10am, this would give vendor’s and extra hour of sales, it would also make the fans happier cause now they can shop and then hit all their panels. It seemed to be alot of what people were talking about in the Queue and on the selling floor. We even spoke to 8 vendors and 2 artists from Artist alley who were all for it.

Time for First Panel of day : Lost Girl Which was scheduled 10:45-12:00 I believe but werent let in until 11am same time as the Guests but it was a fantastic Panel with Zoe, Rick and of Course the awesome Ksenia Solo. I left when they announced they were cutting the panel short and went to buy the Season 1 Dvd and Autograph ticket.
Then Off to buy a $70 ticket for Autograph and Photo of the Amazing G4 Star and Playmate Sara Underwood, Ran to Another Panel which was closed after 30 mins of starting (something New?) Back up to show Floor To wait online for Sara and were Pleased at how great she was. I felt a little bad for her publicist Jared tho as Javits Security Had started bugging him to either disperse the crowd in Aisle or else..(my words). In years past it was Javits security Job to keep aisle clear so people can walk and not stop in middle of aisle but, guess they did not have anymore than 3 security members working the con. Then Ran to Get a Wrist Band for Jessica Chobot, Ran to Cosplay Contest we ran and only 2 people Showed up…, Visited the “I Never Rest” Friend of ours Alexia Anastasio and Mina, Bill Plympton, Kevin Sean Michaels and then back to the Lost girl line to hang around for the autographs. For those who do not know it is a 2 hour wait online for autographs…I felt bad for the cast because they were late due to security again being MIA and squeezed into a tiny booth to sign for their fans…I wonder if Ksenia Bought any shoes and what video Game Zoe was thinking of playing or if Rick was contemplating a new song…But anyway after Lost girl I Ran to Jessica Chobot Line and saw how long it was so went to dinner downstairs in food court for a Hour. Came back Line didn’t budge and was second to last one. Once getting to Jessica She was such a sweetheart chatting and posing with me for a photo and autograph (only seems G4 stars do that)…Then I decided to walk around a bit and talk to people of their thoughts and take pictures…also we noticed the only press around were tv camera crews. Now we will be posting ours shortly but first we want to Show off one of our Special Correspondent’s of NYCC 2012 Jessica Fisher and here is her link to her photo’s with her permission…
Friday’s Stash :

Saturdays Photo’s:

Watch for our photo’s Soon and some from our friends…Including who we chose as our Cosplay winners and why..
If you like this blog Like it and follow and let us know…we would love to hear your thoughts on the convention…

Once Upon A Time Season 2 Premiere

SPOILER WARNING : This is from the East Coast Season 2 Premiere of Once Upon a Time with Some Spoilers;

I must say waiting For months for this Premiere was torture and it was finally paid off this evening. First off to catch you up on what happened in Season 1, they had a 1 hour special beforehand that gave you everything from episode 1 until the finale. It was worth the catch up but what does that say about the hour long show that was over 26 episodes summarized in 1 hour?

Onto tonight’s Premiere, the introduction of magic was interesting as it appears Emma is the only one who can push the magic to work. The notion of the fairytale land being gone might be a trick of Rumplestilskin’s or Regina’s but now it makes you wonder if a corner of the kingdom was spared, then why and why wouldn’t the people of storybrook be returned to that spot?

Also what about the introduction of wraith’s, Mulan, and Aurora? I must say it is exciting or did anyone else notice the 1 hour season premiere was more like 30 minutes with all those damn commercial’s?? When did that become more important on TV but that’s another story for another day…I want to hear everyone’s comments on this Episode and Show in General. Let’s see how many people really like it??

Cell Phone Companies Prove Greed

This is just our opinion, (submitted by one of our reporters)

Have you noticed all the Cellphone companies are greedy, out of the 2 biggest ones who are dependable and have good ratings Verizon & AT & T. Now if you decide to buy anything these days you need to sign a contract that you will commit to one company for 2 yrs regardless of how much they charge you or the insanely price of cellphones which are all mostly for those who actively can afford big bills. Face it if you want a new cellphone you need to sign a 2 yr contract to buy a Cell for minimum of $200-$300 but if you like a new phone you CAN’T Upgrade unless you sign for another 2 yrs otherwise that new cellphone price jumps $500-$800. But we can’t live without our cells so we are at their mercy and it is truly sad what has come of this country when they can charge whatever they want.

Promoting New Singer: Taylor

Music Fans Pay attention to this Breaking News! There is a young Lady with a Phenominal Voice that we ask everyone to check out and share and reblog. Here is a Little bit of info on this young lady which can be found on facebook. I ask everyone to respect her and treat her with dignity and respect, and if you like her music comment and pass it along. Music is a growing forum and our younger generation seem to have a handle on it…

Quoted From  Taylor Belle

“I just turned 14, I have been singing since i was in 3rd grade, I have done many shows and contest all around long island and in pennsylvania this weekend, i sing all kinds of music including r&b, pop, oldies, and hip hop! i mostly do covers but i am in the process of having my own songs written for me i also enjoy writing my own songs but i do not have any music for them at this time, you can contact me through my email, (, through my facebook fan page, ( ) or through my youtube page, ( )


Horror Convention For Fans!

Attention All Horror Fans – This Coming Sept 28-29 In Sacramento,CA is one of the Few remaining Horror Conventions in the USA that Is out for the Fan’s and not for the money.

If your a Fan of Horror, Conventions, Miss Misery or Heck just Love Horror then this is the Convention you should  need to attend. Face it Folk’s Horror Convention’s in USA are dying off basically due to Money. Hell I live on the East coast in NY and there are NO Horror Conventions out here Since Fangoria left Year’s ago.
Maybe it’s too expensive or maybe they are too greedy. Who Knows…But check this out And I guarantee it will be the best convention you have gone to all year…

Review: Friends with Benefits

So we Finally Got around to watching this Film Friends with Benefits which came out in 2011 with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. First off let me say as a Guy growing up in the 80’s back then this is what 80’s-early 90’s seemed to be about here on Long Island,NY. Either woman at the time wanted a relationship or just sex and being myself never getting it right was either the one looking just for sex while women wanted a relationship or I wanted a relationship when they wanted sex. It varied from women to women not time to time, but we Enjoyed this Movie.

In a nutshull boy meets girl , both have had numerous bad relationships. They become friends so they are both in the Deadly friend Zone. They feel they are adult enough to have sex with no strings and no emotion which seems good in theory until after a while being friends and lovers intertwine and they both start falling for each other but AFRAID yes I said it AFRAID to tell the other one for fear it would end everything and they don’t take that chance. Finally they both mess up enough to end things which makes them realize they actually love each other, and end up together as a couple thats perfect for each other.

This movie is not about society, Looks, Sex, love or relationships as everything is today but about basic concept to not hold back and take  a chance. Everything is not what it seems and since you only live once you SHOULD take a chance and do what your heart says. Not your friends or society but what you feel is right.

We rate this a 7 out of 10 only because we would have loved to see more and there was a few slow points.

Past Guest Salutes..

With all the Blogging we have been doing and trying to keep everyone up to date on the Webshow and it’s return we want to take a moment or a few to recognize and shout out some of our past guest’s who have called into the show or sat down Live with us for Incredible Interview’s. Now this might appear to be a short List But Most of our fabulous Guest’s have been on the Show Multiple Times, some even making Surprise Visits…So here we go in no particular order…

Now this is a short List but will be Growing..We want to hear your thoughts on who you the viewers,listeners, and readers would Like to hear us interview and why?