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The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 190 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 3 trips to carry that many people.

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Where are my followers?

OK folks its been a while since I posted since real life has been kicking my ass lately. We are returning and question where our followers and fans went as well as our listeners.
All our blog,Instagram,twitter,Facebook,SoundCloud and blog talk radio fans have been vanishing and our 2k fans are too quiet lately.
I’m asking everyone to spread the word we are coming back and doing a special on NYCC yes NY comic-con as well as some amazing long overdue interviews with some fabulous celebrities you all know and love.
Spread the word atwistedmyth.com is back and broadcasting soon.

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Make some noise

Well we have been quiet too long as well as on winter hiatus, that’s what I am calling it anyway. Well we are coming back again and bringing the noise as we will be doing our normal speaker broadcast as well as live streaming on twitch and ustream as well as btr to utilize our time as well as blogging.

But before that let me get a rant out of the way, feel free to post a comment you might find yourself mentioned.

First off this is for the gaming companies, what is the deal with making graphics so intense that you need to buy a new PC for gaming. If you want those intense graphics where you can see the breathe off a character in the arctic get a console. I as a gamer could care less if you can see individual blades of grass as opposed to just detailed characters in the world and nice landscaping. But come on 49.99 for a game where you can see a fly sh*t on a blade of grass as opposed to good gameplay is ridiculous along with upgrading your rig eveytime you make an expansion or game?

Secondly Enough with dating be I am sure I’m not the only guy out there who has yo heart woman whine about no good or nice men out there anymore. STOP THAT!!
There are plenty of men who are NOT magic mike who are monogomous, good hearted, hardworking, won’t beat you or mistreat you. Most are even guys you put in the friend zone because they either weren’t good looking enough for you or your afraid of what your friends would think. Yes men go for looks too but not to extreme woman do. Who knows maybe the guy who finally got up the nerve to say hello to you before you told him f off you have a boyfriend when you don’t might be worth talking too.

Now while on subject of dating – dating websites – first off free everything for woman and men pay while companies make you pay to read a message you get from fakes or from the company that are worthless. Also ladies why go on a site to meet men and automatically ignore men who aren’t magic mike. See the paragraph above- reread it again go ahead i ‘ll wait. Who am I kidding I know you didn’t. I have proven this fact time and time again.

Yoga pants – god bless the maker of them. That’s all I gotta say. Yes I love a beautiful woman and a beautifully dressed woman is nice. So is a beautiful butt.

Girl gamers- where the hell are you? I’ve spoken to 3 in 5 yes.

Victoria secret – you rock and so do all woman who choose to wear it for them not their men.

Ladies just because a guy talks to you doesn’t mean its about sex. 70% of the time it is.
Men just because a woman talks to you doesn’t mean she likes you it means your hot and she wants by our sex and their friends would be impressed if your magic mike and they bagged you.

Conventions – have died in NY. Sure only nycc is left but every other convention that used to be here has left due to costs being so high. No more horror, SciFi,fantasy conventions so people have to spend more money to travel. But all these convention companies forget who press was when they were little and need to stop berating them.

Alright rant is done for now discuss this among yourselves.

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Social Experiment:Dating Websites FAIL!

It has been some time since I posted a Blog Update and I have been Doing another Social Experiment since November and Wrapping it Up the end of January. With all the hub-bub around and being single I have been trying different online dating websites and have interesting results which nobody can disprove but many can agree with.
First Up is Zoosk. FAIL.
Not only do they have alot of Fake Profiles with fake photo’s (Like Celebrities for example, Photo’s from other dating sites even branded with that sites name). They Also Have Robo responses, when you sign up its free and you can post a photo and profile and search for who your interested in.
Then your given the chance of sending a message or a wink. If you send a wink (why do sites do this?) You get a auto response from the person thanking you for a wink but asking for a message instead. So you send a message, and weeks, months go by without a response. Now in between all these searches your given the option to BUY coins to boost your popularity so people become more interested in you and you come in higher in their search results.
Also if your a paid member thats when your Messages I feel are actually sent. I subbed for 1 month and send messages to 6 women. I got responses back asking me to tell them more, waited til the month was up and responded, mind you I got some responses Fast within a day and others within a few weeks. Not one response when I wasn’t a paying member.
Then I found some Celebrity photos of these single women, I reported it and received a nice cut and paste form response back that was written by a 8 year old.

So basically when you pay $20-$40 month subscription and an additional $20-$60 to boost your popularity your BUYING the right to actually communicate with someone or even finding out if your message was read and if the person was interested or not. I tried another free site and I spoke with one woman 3x over 4 months who told me she wasn’t interested but thanked me for writing to her. Thats more than I received from Match.com, Zoosk, or any other one and that was on Plenty Of Fish. Oh and theres those Zoosk Employees that are on site but dont respond either.

Match.com You see those commercials that are not actors But if you search those are ALL Actor’s. You can only wink for free. To Communicate or talk with someone or message anyone or get your messages you have to pay $20-$39 month. If your a free member You get no responses from Anyone. FAIL!!

Plenty of Fish: Alot of Fakes No way to specify searches, No responses except 1 out of 200 while being a paid member.  Even saw someone who I knew personally who was married and had no idea her photo was on there.

Then there is Eharmony $40 a month I tried this years ago first when it came out and back then it gave you up to 5 people to talk to and you spoke to each other without seeing a photo which wasn’t bad but everything was dragged out for 2 months before you would see a photo upon final conversation and then choose what to do. You have seen all the commercials again of actors (come on you never see inter-racial couples, Slim or overweight? What does that tell you?) I tried it again Early last year and you got photo’s right off the bat. No responses.

Here is the Kicker – It is not the Dating Sites Fault that they ROB you – It is the Members because Society has installed in everyone the “Model” look and few and in between are real people who get thrown aside and rarely get out there. I had paid a professional to write a profile that was rated as best possible profile guaranteed to provoke conversations with me. Along with my photo and I am an average guy. Not 1 response from any site. So I copied a very popular guys profile made a second account posted it without a photo. Lots of responses, when i posted a photo, Crickets.

How Flawed is our Society?

Then their is the other side of the coin. I Joined the Night Exchange a few years ago when I started this experiment. Its not a phone chat line more of a call up and listen to personal ads and if interested record a message and wait for a recorded response and if you click you can either chat on system or off system. Of course you have to pay $60 for a 1 hour block of time to only listen to your recorded messages. I met tons of people you talk to and get to know before seeing photographs and basing them on what society might think.

What are your Experiences?

I Might just be MudCrazy! By Jillian Nicole

This is an Article Submitted to us by our Good Friend and Special Correspondant as well as Singer/Model. Her name is Jillian Nicole and you should hear what she has to say about MUD!

I Might Just Be MUDCRAZY!


If I could explain the thing I love to do in three words they would be family, fitness and….MUD! A hobby that I have luckily fallen into late 2012 has brought me the most joyous experiences of my twenty-six years on this planet.
As a child, I was not the athletic type. I did the normal things that kids do, like ride their bike and rollerblade but nothing extreme. I wasn’t in sports throughout grade school or even much after that. That was until August 2012. I decided to go to a team building event. The event was open to anyone that wanted to go and the company that I was working for at the time would pay for registration. The name of the event was called The Highlanger III. Yes, it sounds exactly how the experience was. There were six of us that went to this event and only one of us got hooked. That one happened to be me.

The Highlander is a mudrun and obstacle course race. When I say mudrun, I do mean you run (Or walk, jog or whatever you feel comfortable doing), in mud. This specific race was a 5k mudrun. Considering that it was my first time, one of my employees and I decided to walk the entire thing. We walked through trails, mud and water. One thing that mudruns and obstacle course races do is test your strength and abilities. This was a perfect type of athletic event for me because there are “breaks” (Obstacles) within the course so I do not have to run the entire time. In this specific race there were 25 obstacles and harsh terrain. With monkey bars, walls of tires roped together to climb over and a jump that sends you plunging into deep water the entire race was an amazing experience!
It wasn’t too long after The Highlander that I decided this is what I want to do. This is what is going to keep me from sitting on the couch. This is something that I need to learn more about. So I started to research and low and behold, I found that there are races going on every month! I stumbled upon a mudrun group called MUDRUNFUN. There were about eleven people in this group and they had invited me to go to a mudrun called Savage Race. I went to the race by myself and met up with what is now my family. Although I had hardly any athletic bones in my frame, I finished and received a finisher’s medal. That is what mattered. That medal proved to me that I am able to do more than I ever thought I could!
Since Highlander, I have completed over 55 mudrun/obstacle course races in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina. I am hoping this year, after my broken toe heals, to continue my venture and become faster and stronger. I usually do these events for fun, but I believe it is time to start pushing myself!
If I could end this with a brief summary of what it would be an ending full of good times and good people. It is what keeps the mudrun community so brilliantly fantastic! We are a unique community and we continue to grow. If you have an opportunity to go to a mudrun, even just to watch the event, take it!
If you would like any other information and discount codes to mudruns please follow my blog at http://mudcrazy.wordpress.com/

I also have a facebook page for discounts and updates: facebook.com/areyoumudcrazy


Winter Updates (Pt 1)

Hello and Welcome Back,
We have been a little behind in updating the Blog and I wish to Apologize to everyone. Between Being stressed out and sick things got backed up. So I want to take this moment to Update everyone about whats been going on and what is coming in the next Few Weeks. Mind you some isn’t a rant its just observations and some is flat out Anger, while some is curious updates.
Now over the past 3 weeks we had to revert to a podcast format and have re-aired a few past episodes due to illness and neighbors in my apartment building and my loud voice after 10pm.
But on a Lighter Note we Are in talks to Book Both Debbie Rochon and Alexia Anastasio to Come back on the show not Live but A Very Long Interview which will be uploaded as Parts 1-9 Yes I said 9 because these will be LONG interviews broken down into 20-25 min podcasts which will be uploaded with Live Commentary thrown in or live show’s in between.
In other Booking News we are Looking into Booking Some Experts in various Fields for some interviews on the show ranging from Paranormal, UFO, CryptoZoology,Myths, Greek Mythology,Hollow Earth, and Various other Film people that you wouldn’t normally expect us to approach.
Now This Coming Wed Dec 18, 2013 will be our Annual Christmas Show which we have been doing for years and always try to spice things up a bit. But this one is different as we are actually following a set schedule almost Like TV Does and we will be making this our Winter Finale and then return in Jan/February for 13 more episodes Before we Take a Season Finale. Of Course this is Subject to change without notice.
Now we wouldn’t be Nuts if we didn’t do something exciting and we are planning something.
We also want to make sure we get the word out to as many people as possible about the show. Currently all our big listeners vanished, and we need to get the word out on youtube,twitter,flickr,tumblr and every social media known to man. So therefore we ask all our followers and listeners to post about our show and to spread the word around…

You guys make the show so lets spread it around, just like that annoying zombie virus..

Introducing Pixie Belle (D20 Project Girl-Cosplayer)

Hello All, As we prepare for This wednesday Nights Show we wanted to introduce you to our Guest who will be on at 11pm Est 8 Pacific.

We have a Phenominal Young Lady Joining us This evening that again wears many hats both figuratively and litterally.
Ms. Pixie Belle Gwynn is a D20 Project girl thats right she is a Girl Gamer ! Also She is a Awesome Cosplayer !
Now first off if you know her, you realize how awesome she is and sweet to talk to…
This Young lady is one of those Mysterious Gamer Girls you usually hear about but, the One nobody believe’s really plays games, She is also one of those Smart and Talented Cosplayer who Doesn’t get Dressed Provocatively for Conventions, Yet Boys think its ok to harass.
This Young lady is very talented and Not only puts alot of thought and time into her cosplay creations but brings Different Cosplay to light.
Tune in Wednesday Night 11pm est/8 Pacific at http://atwistedmyth.com/broadcast and you will be able to access the player and hear the interview and check out the chatrooms which may or may not be monitored.
Check out the D20 Project of NY & NJ                                                         ALL LINKS OPEN IN SEPARATE WINDOW

Here is Pixie Belle Herself :

Pixie Belle’s Cosplay Page:

Thor:Dark World Review

Well we finally got our wish Fans, Thor 2 A Dark World Came out Yesterday and we went to see an Early Matinee to check this out.. Now first you must know :


Thor The Dark World Returns to the Thor Universe 2 yrs after The original Thor and some time after the Avengers. Now Tv Agents of Shield Is supposed to tie into the film on Nov 19th so we will add that after.
To the Movie, Stan Lee made a short Cameo which was Nice, you never see DC doing that.
References to the Avengers, and Cameo’s were numerous and Nice because I showed they were all involved.
There was very little romance but ALOT of Action and not many answers..
For example Jane Finds the Aether but there is no sign of her showing or telling anyone about where it was or the stone it was in…
The portals no mention of them or if they are gone or not or if this can happen again?
That Big Monster from Loki’s True Homeworld loose on streets of London? Setup for Thor 3, Shield, Avengers 2 or ?
How bout the Big Question What Happened to Odin and where is he?
We know Loki made the illusion of his death until Thor Left but we never see Loki escape or if he Did something to Odin to get the throne.
What about the Mass Fight Scene with Thor, Loki and Jane and Thor Loosing his hand and the Hammer Falling? I was shocked I will admit..

With Thor NOT taking the Throne, what does that now mean for King Loki acting as Odin?
Wouldn’t Heimdall have seen this?
When did Odin Really Vanish and did anyone witness?
The Mention of the Infinity Stones and the Collector a possible setup for More than Thor 3,4,5 ?? Or Avengers 3?

Now remember I haven’t read the comics so not up to alot but My thoughts, This Movie was A mix of everything and Kept you watching everything.
Also I felt it was a Nice Change to have the end scene before the credits, I guess this is due to many people leave the theaters the second the credits roll and dont want to wait for any extra scene..

I will see it again to enjoy it more and will add it to my collection when it comes out. it is a MUST SEE and please Ignore the Critics they are idiots most of the time.

What did you Think of Thor 2 ?

What would you like to see in Thor 3?