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ATwistedMyth Has Arrived !

*Updating Aug 1, 2013 –
Welcome to the New Internet Web Show , we are in essence a talk show that goes where others don’t dare. You won’t find us on Terrestrial Radio because we would never get away with this kinda stuff.   We are a Roundtable Discussion show of Facts, Opinion’s and Rant’s on today’s Hot Or Odd Topic’s as well as Movies and films of yesterday and today.   Interview’s with the Hottest and Oddest Celebrities and Hottest Bodies around, and before the Ladies get mad we try to please the women too but they are too quiet. But we try…We have alot of Material on our main website including alot of Media and Endorsement’s from a few of our Celebrity Guest’s who have been on the show a few dozen times. Plus we also try to discuss topics that appeal to both Men and Women and urge callers to take part in the show via chatroom or calling in to give their opinions. We are however R Rated..

We will also be looking into restarting our audio portion of the show again soon so are looking for Spokesmodels, Models, and a few people to go live on the air for 15 min bits on various ‘special’ topics….If anyone is interested Contact us.

Please be sure to visit our main Website http://atwistedmyth.com

Also Be sure to LIKE and Share our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/ATwistedMyth

Same Trainwreck of a Show with a New Name.

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