Social Experiment:Dating Websites FAIL!

It has been some time since I posted a Blog Update and I have been Doing another Social Experiment since November and Wrapping it Up the end of January. With all the hub-bub around and being single I have been trying different online dating websites and have interesting results which nobody can disprove but many can agree with.
First Up is Zoosk. FAIL.
Not only do they have alot of Fake Profiles with fake photo’s (Like Celebrities for example, Photo’s from other dating sites even branded with that sites name). They Also Have Robo responses, when you sign up its free and you can post a photo and profile and search for who your interested in.
Then your given the chance of sending a message or a wink. If you send a wink (why do sites do this?) You get a auto response from the person thanking you for a wink but asking for a message instead. So you send a message, and weeks, months go by without a response. Now in between all these searches your given the option to BUY coins to boost your popularity so people become more interested in you and you come in higher in their search results.
Also if your a paid member thats when your Messages I feel are actually sent. I subbed for 1 month and send messages to 6 women. I got responses back asking me to tell them more, waited til the month was up and responded, mind you I got some responses Fast within a day and others within a few weeks. Not one response when I wasn’t a paying member.
Then I found some Celebrity photos of these single women, I reported it and received a nice cut and paste form response back that was written by a 8 year old.

So basically when you pay $20-$40 month subscription and an additional $20-$60 to boost your popularity your BUYING the right to actually communicate with someone or even finding out if your message was read and if the person was interested or not. I tried another free site and I spoke with one woman 3x over 4 months who told me she wasn’t interested but thanked me for writing to her. Thats more than I received from, Zoosk, or any other one and that was on Plenty Of Fish. Oh and theres those Zoosk Employees that are on site but dont respond either. You see those commercials that are not actors But if you search those are ALL Actor’s. You can only wink for free. To Communicate or talk with someone or message anyone or get your messages you have to pay $20-$39 month. If your a free member You get no responses from Anyone. FAIL!!

Plenty of Fish: Alot of Fakes No way to specify searches, No responses except 1 out of 200 while being a paid member.  Even saw someone who I knew personally who was married and had no idea her photo was on there.

Then there is Eharmony $40 a month I tried this years ago first when it came out and back then it gave you up to 5 people to talk to and you spoke to each other without seeing a photo which wasn’t bad but everything was dragged out for 2 months before you would see a photo upon final conversation and then choose what to do. You have seen all the commercials again of actors (come on you never see inter-racial couples, Slim or overweight? What does that tell you?) I tried it again Early last year and you got photo’s right off the bat. No responses.

Here is the Kicker – It is not the Dating Sites Fault that they ROB you – It is the Members because Society has installed in everyone the “Model” look and few and in between are real people who get thrown aside and rarely get out there. I had paid a professional to write a profile that was rated as best possible profile guaranteed to provoke conversations with me. Along with my photo and I am an average guy. Not 1 response from any site. So I copied a very popular guys profile made a second account posted it without a photo. Lots of responses, when i posted a photo, Crickets.

How Flawed is our Society?

Then their is the other side of the coin. I Joined the Night Exchange a few years ago when I started this experiment. Its not a phone chat line more of a call up and listen to personal ads and if interested record a message and wait for a recorded response and if you click you can either chat on system or off system. Of course you have to pay $60 for a 1 hour block of time to only listen to your recorded messages. I met tons of people you talk to and get to know before seeing photographs and basing them on what society might think.

What are your Experiences?

Thor:Dark World Review

Well we finally got our wish Fans, Thor 2 A Dark World Came out Yesterday and we went to see an Early Matinee to check this out.. Now first you must know :


Thor The Dark World Returns to the Thor Universe 2 yrs after The original Thor and some time after the Avengers. Now Tv Agents of Shield Is supposed to tie into the film on Nov 19th so we will add that after.
To the Movie, Stan Lee made a short Cameo which was Nice, you never see DC doing that.
References to the Avengers, and Cameo’s were numerous and Nice because I showed they were all involved.
There was very little romance but ALOT of Action and not many answers..
For example Jane Finds the Aether but there is no sign of her showing or telling anyone about where it was or the stone it was in…
The portals no mention of them or if they are gone or not or if this can happen again?
That Big Monster from Loki’s True Homeworld loose on streets of London? Setup for Thor 3, Shield, Avengers 2 or ?
How bout the Big Question What Happened to Odin and where is he?
We know Loki made the illusion of his death until Thor Left but we never see Loki escape or if he Did something to Odin to get the throne.
What about the Mass Fight Scene with Thor, Loki and Jane and Thor Loosing his hand and the Hammer Falling? I was shocked I will admit..

With Thor NOT taking the Throne, what does that now mean for King Loki acting as Odin?
Wouldn’t Heimdall have seen this?
When did Odin Really Vanish and did anyone witness?
The Mention of the Infinity Stones and the Collector a possible setup for More than Thor 3,4,5 ?? Or Avengers 3?

Now remember I haven’t read the comics so not up to alot but My thoughts, This Movie was A mix of everything and Kept you watching everything.
Also I felt it was a Nice Change to have the end scene before the credits, I guess this is due to many people leave the theaters the second the credits roll and dont want to wait for any extra scene..

I will see it again to enjoy it more and will add it to my collection when it comes out. it is a MUST SEE and please Ignore the Critics they are idiots most of the time.

What did you Think of Thor 2 ?

What would you like to see in Thor 3?

A Con From a Radio Standpoint

Well One big Convention in NYC has came and gone and while we did not attend this year as either a press rep for our show or a fan we have been getting flooded with reports that our sources have told us about things that were seen and heard at the convention which was out of hand.
Ok let me back up those who do not know me, I do an internet radio Show which we have re-branded for the final time due to legal issues that came up. We have done internet radio for over 10 yrs and have a variety of Guests and listeners worldwide, we have also visited conventions with our group of 1. That’s Right when I go as Press, I apply for 1 press pass and go myself with a voice recorder for audio and camera for pictures and video (both of which I ask permission before Snapping Any Photo’s) and include voice permissions as well. Why am I telling you this? Well 3 yrs ago we had an incident with Press liasion at NYCC who did not like a review we gave and therefore has blacklisted us for past 3 yrs, each year denying us for things that have nothing to do with us whatsoever but was just an excuse to say no. (See Prior Posts on Subject I am not rehashing)

Now moving Forward to the Recent NYCC and our Sources who reported from there as well as sources we spoke to via the web on their individual problems. First off let me say years ago there were geeks and nerds, who to see a women was left speechless mostly at the women and if they were revealing clothes was fascinating – Yet they were respected to a degree. FlashForward now to 2012-2013 and this has evolved into Creeps popping out of the woodwork who objectify women now as sex objects because of what they wear and do not even care about the work it goes into to make the outfit, what inspired them and how they feel wearing it in public.

I noticed this last year at the Con when I saw many “Press reps” with video Camera’s who were mistreating female cosplayers and I even spoke out and in a few instances went to security. (Btw when I spoke of this on our show it was held against us as well). Now we go to the con for the panels and the fans and for one person it is rough so we rely on various other sources who willingly gather stories for us. (Also held against us), now when we went this year to apply as press we were conveniently turned down only after Saturday passes sold out (Biggest day of the Con) and ignored when we requested assistance as to why being told they do not make the press criteria public, other than you have to have over 10K viewers/listeners, have to have a blog, or some form of written coverage, cant be related to the con or press agents going hmmm we werent and we were broadcasting everywhere including from the outside of the con.
Last Year Naked News was at NYCC videotaping interviews with female cosplayers and some of the questions  led to sexual innuendo and it was a female reporter.

Apparently the Convention does not really care for its members only on the money they can make. We have had Celebrities on the show Like Debbie Rochon, Alexia Anastasio, Bill Plympton, Jeffery Combs, Chris Costello (Daughter of Lou Costello) and countless other guests. Those in media know when you book a guest for a date in advance it is confirmed by the publicist and only cancelled few days prior if some emergency happens and the guest needs to change tactics. So For a convention to sell tickets for 4 days, and 3 day packages or even single days and then announce guests coming and what days shows the lack of care for its fans. When we interviewed the press liaison 4 yrs ago about this we were told, we dont want to say a guest is coming until the day before the con because if they announce it earlier and they cancel fans will be upset and not buy a ticket. Proving they want the money and do not care for the fans.

If you ever went to any other con they release all guest info all throught the planning phase right up until the day of the con so the fans can plan accordingly.
As for the Panels Same Press liaison commented when asked why they cant clear a panel room after each panel before a con they stated it would be too time consuming and need more volunteers to do so they just leave everyone where they are. Example was last years Walking dead panel where I spoke to 25 people who came from LA just for the day of the panel and waited in line for 7 hours being first in line to get a seat to be told 1 hour after panel started that the vips were in as well as a full room sorry go home. (Fans First Right?)

Then Cosplay incidents Ran Rampant last year and was squashed by the con immediately. I rarely see any press on the vendor floor or talking to cosplayers and those that I did see were respectable and a slight few were not.

Why Am I Reporting on this? Well Im willing to bet they don’t allow me a press pass for next year because of this and posting what they did to me as press by keeping me out as press and as a fan. When I contacted Reedpop I got a No Comment from an unnamed source.

Will these cosplayers still get mistreated at the Con? More than likely yes, But do not be surprised if cosplayers get some type of guidelines on dress for next year and what to do if there is any mistreatment.

All I can say is until they address the situation and actually address it not where just 1 person decides what to do but a panel sits down and talks about what they need to do with security and cosplayers and press to resolve this.

Our Idea, SInce press has to Register every year (yes there is a Strict process to register as press) Add the question on if they plan on filming or photographing cosplayers Yes or No Do not list a maybe, this way if they say yes its on their registration and if they have a complaint about them they can take that registration and stamp it invalid for the following year and tack a note as to why. So it is Recorded, because slapping them on the hand throwing them out of the con after 2 days doesnt prevent them from returning the following year or other damage they might have caused.

Now to toot my own horn our website which is finally up

Has all sorts of info including past cons, our mission statement and reviews of all other past cons, its a good read.

With that I am CrazyNick
Internet Radio, Tv Cam Host, Blogger

Also for the record when I go to the Cons I go as Press and Not in costume, I bring me, my camera, my voice recorder, business cards. When I go as a Fan thats when I dress up as a cosplayer or normal attire.


What do you think of this story? Whats your Reviews good and bad of the Con? Remember I am sure the Con will be reading this post…

Review: Man of Steel


Tonight I went to the Premiere of Man of Steel before it opens Friday June 14th in Theater’s. Now I was a bit unsure how it was going to play out since they were basically re-creating Superman 2 all over again. Now don’t tell me to stop, that’s what this film essentially was but let me break it down for you how this 2 hr 24 minute movies played out. Again this is my opinion and your’s may differ. Altho The only true opinion that matter’s is Warner Brothers because if this movie doesnt make enough money opening weekend WB might trash it and decide to re-reboot it all over again.


The Opening Scene’s which was a little back story about Krypton and I felt it was a bit slow and dragging to the point of Come on already. Fast Forward to an adult Clark Kent who is taking odd jobs around the world trying to hide but saving people when it was necessary which forced him to move on. Now and Then we get some flashbacks to events in his childhood where his earth father Pa Kent tells him he can choose to be good or evil but he must hide it until the world is ready. Fast Forward back to A Icy Landscape where we Clark Finds not only a ship and discover’s his origins but also meets Lois Lane who want’s the world to know.
Meanwhile as Clark Learn’s his origin’s we come to find out very late in movie that this alerted Zod to where he was and Zod comes to Earth revealing Kal-El is on Earth Posing as Human and he is to surrender or earth will suffer.
Herein we see another struggle as Clark decides to trust Zod and turns himself into the US Military and then in turn to Zod. He finds out Zod’s true agenda and after some battling a Colonel in Military Declare’s Kal-El is Not the enemy.

The battle then plays out over the dna of kryptonites that zod wants to create and populate earth with and in a fashion replays Superman 2 with zod and his 2 henchman fighting Kal-el.

Ending in a spectacular fashion when you See Superman who is only named 1x in the film, do something he never wanted to do to save humanity and that was killing Zod, the last of his people.

In the End him and Lois Kiss, Another Commander tries to follow Superman who tells him, I’m not your enemy don’t look for me but I am here to help. He then get’s a Job at the Daily Planet as Clark Kent Mild Mannered reporter, with Lois Lane who pretends not to know who he is…

My Synopsis:
The Beginning was too dragged out and I found myself with those around me waiting to see him in the suit. Some of the fight Scene’s were over the top and dragged out and I was not a fan of how Zod quickly learned to control his abilities on earth. I Did enjoy watching Kal-el learn to fly and find out about himself and his frequent rescues of people and even a slightly dark side where he got a little revenge here and There… It ended with No Cliffhanger, No Hint’s at a Sequel and Nothing after the credits. I am on the Fence about this but would like to hear more people’s Comment’s.

If you felt I missed something or want to expand on something please list it in comments..



Oz The Great & Powerful Review

We have decided to Review the Much Anticipated Oz The Great and Powerful and I have to admit to being very surprised. But On to Our Review, We remind you these are our opinions only.


This is a prequel to The Wizard of Oz and I Must admit the trailer’s are a tad bit misleading. This starts out with Oscar “OZ” as a circus Magician who is a con-man and slight illusionist, who escapes His Kansas Circus to avoid a angry father who just found out his daughter was sleeping with Oz. While flying through the tornado he finds God and Remarkably arrives in the Beautiful Oz. There isn’t any reasoning why the beginning is in black and white and Oz is color but It’s Minor.
His first contact is Theodorra the Witch and First in new land of Women who he wants to use and make broken hearted. She believe’s in him and falls in love with him as they make their way to Emerald city via yellow brick road after escaping the vicious flying monkey’s that the wicked witch sent to kill Oz. In Emerald City he meets Theodorra’s Sister Evandorra another witch with a secret who is the advisor to the Emerald City, another of Oz’s Conquests altho it isn’t shown until later.

We fast Forward and Oz heads off to steal wand of wicked witch to stop her along the way gathering 2 other companions, a flying monkey bellboy, and China a real china doll who I feel steals the show. Also there is a few tidbits that are so minor if your not paying attention you miss the reference to the scarecrow and cowardly lion, or even why the cowardly lion became a coward. We find out Evandorra is actually the Wicked witch, Glinda is the good witch and Theodorra thru her sisters trickery becomes a truly wicked witch turning from beauty to beast with a hunger for vengence.

In the End Oz with Much Illusion and trickery forces the witches to leave Oz Forever and offer’s Theodorra a chance to return if she ever finds goodness again, telling her the reason this happened was not her fault but his  in which she replies “NEVER”. Oz is Free and We See Oscar Dead and the Wizard Born and the Chair and Illusions set as he warns When those 2 witches return, and they Will everyone MUST believe in Oz.

All in all a very good movie, very little CGI which is welcome in this day and Age and Did you catch the spot in the beginning where you hear about Dorothy’s Mom and Dad getting Married.

We rate this Movie a B As we had a few issues with the slowness of the initial beginning, Credits Running at beginning of Film, and the fact this film even tho it is a prequel to Wizard of Oz also sets a stage for if they should ever decide to do a after movie like a finale to wizard of Oz which has been done over the years with a failed animated Return to Oz and most recently which we enjoyed Syfy’s TinMan which was a return to Oz almost 100 yrs later.

We want to hear what you thought of the Film…

End of X-Play & AoTS

All Nerds Sighed tonight and It was heard around the world….except the offices of G4

This is MY review of the finale of these 2 great Shows and In my opinions only bits and pieces were great but were lacking. Back in November G4 announced they were cancelling these 2 shows to rebrand the network into more of a man’s show and call it The Esquire Channel (Wasn’t that a women’s magazine?)

First off X-play Finale was Pretty Good, Morgan Webb (Very Beautiful and talented) and Blair Herter (I Met Him! Before he Married Jessica Chobot- Lucky Man!) Now all shows were recorded in advance and as far as I can tell they stopped recording Shows just before thanksgiving and were airing alot of repeats except for specials like top 100 video games of all time where they briefly commented on the fact they were cancelled and couldn’t comment more due to legalities. Last Episode was pretty good But I should have been unscripted and Live, They are all respected adults. Was sad to see them go!
Now there is NOTHING on TV for Nerds or any videogame enthusiast to watch.

AOTS FINALE – Very sad and I found myself a little Teary I Admit when Candace started to Cry. It would’ve been nice if her, Sara, and Matt had it also unscripted and live rather than record it month’s earlier.  But unlike X-play AOTS Rarely commented on the end or even when the finale was but aired Repeats. I was Disappointed when I tuned in after thanksgiving to catch Chris Hardwick of Nerdist (Great Guy met Him three Times!) Doing best moments of the show and NOT Candace and Sara which I felt was a Jip.

TV has officially sunk to new levels but with repeats of Knight Rider, Cops and ReRuns of Campus PD and now loosing these 2 shows I feel they are loosing Millions of viewers by these stupid moves. In my opinions They Say hey this show should get X amount of viewers and if that show gets just 1% less they want to axe the show. But I did Like how X-Play and AOTS Got the entire staff involved in filming and the final good-byes.

You Will be Missed Morgan Webb, Sara Underwood, Candace Bailey, Jessica Chobot, Matt Mira, Blair Herter!!

May you all Find a future working somewhere great together because your a GREAT TEAM!!

Death of A Strip Club

Times are a changing as the Years pass, This saturday night I was looking to visit a strip club for a little enjoyment as a pre-birthday Outing. I decided to Visit a Club I have not been to in 3 yrs which opened at 8pm with 3 male customers and 10 dancers, which is one of the few remaing Clubs on Long Island in Commack called The Scene. Now even tho they claim they sell food this is a strip club there is no food, they open 5pm on weekdays and 8pm on saturdays and is a small establishment.
Now Some of you might think that sounds really good let me rewind and tell you 3 yrs ago when I went to this strip club on a  friday night from 8pm-11pm. I enter the club at 8pm on friday night 4 male customers 10 dancers working 1 behind bar Cause they wont go on stage if there isnt more than 10 male customers in place. 3-5 girls sitting at end of the bar talking to themselves. 3 of the ugly ones will come up and introduce themselves asking if I wanted a Massage or lapdance and do not take no for an answer or a not right now to the point I have to actually tell them to get away from me and when I want you I will come to you. The rest of the girls who wait for the big spenders to show up wont even look at you. Then there’s the 10-20 girls sitting in dressing room in back taking 3 hours to put on a thong and bra who do not come out until theres 20 people in club and ignore the DJ when he calls them to the bar or stage 3x in a row. Management doesnt do anything…Plus the prices are not bad for a beer is only $7 which is normal but the lapdances are $30 for a 3 min song and thats all you get is 1 song which begins a timer they keep to make sure you dont go over 3 mins unless you pay another $30. Where you pay and go and sit down while the song is already playing and by the time the girl strips down you get 1 min dance for $30.

Now if you rewind back 6 yrs prior to that when I was going on friday and saturday nights every week it was the exact same thing but management cared a bit more. The Girls were alot nicer to customers.

Now Fast Forward to Last Nights Adventure which was a waste I spent $30 on drinks and a few singles into a couple of dancers who would come straight to me and ignore the other 2 guys there with a dancer. I checked for the big sucker sign but didnt see one over me. A few girls I didnt pay any attention to came and pestered me even after I told them Not right now maybe later still came back after 10 mins to try again. 2 Hot looking ones Come and sit at end of bar not talking to anyone obviously waiting for their big spenders to show up. I considered leaving when dancer and guy she was with knock me out of my chair without so much as an excuse me or I’m sorry. Disgusted I left, back in 80-late 90’s strip clubs had fewer girls but they sat and chatted with you, didnt try to make you buy a lapdance or a drink and were humans and lapdance went for $20. Not now at the Scene in Commack where I went where once you buy a lapdance the girl ignores you for the rest of your life unless you immediately buy a vip dance.

What are your thoughts? Plus I know the ladies are reading thing and probably laughing but don’t get me started on chippendales or male revues. Women are usually alot worse then men…Alot



Zombie Kareoke


Well doomsday came and went with not as many parties as I remember from the 80’s. However tonight at Grafton St pub in hauppauge,ny it was a different type of  night..Zombie Apocalypse night with zombies, beer, karaoke and Jessica’s birthday…The Whole Staff dressed as Zombies and urges Customers to do the same and most did. It was a fun night and Sal’s Karazee Kareoke.