Fantastic Four Returning to The Big Screen

Did anyone really think they were not going to reboot this? I mean with all the films they could make why reboot another film.

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Demi Lovato’s Glowy Cheeks & Glam Curls: Get The Look

We love Demi Lovato! Who doesn’t


The ‘X Factor’ judge looked radiant with dewy makeup and soft, flowing curls at the show’s Sony X Headphones Viewing Party on December 6 in Los Angeles, California. Here’s how you can copy her sultry glowing makeup!

We love that Demi Lovato, 20, is trying out softer makeup looks and styling her long locks in curls. Her shimmering blush illuminates her cheeks with a pretty candlelit glow and her flowing curls soften her look.

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‘Man Of Steel’ Poster Revealed: Why Is Superman In Handcuffs?

While we love Superman and have done an extensive show we can not help but wonder, if this movies doesnt do well at the box office will it follow superman returns in another reboot?? Thoughts…?


Henry Cavill makes a damn fine-looking Superman in this first-look poster.

Superman may be more powerful than a locomotive, but in this brand-new poster for The Man of Steel, we see Henry Cavill in a far more vulnerable state. Why (and how) is the boy in blue also in handcuffs? That’s a good question; unfortunately, we might have to wait until the movie’s June 14 release.

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World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria


To make a long story short- I love this expansion. I’m a self-proclaimed shinnichi so of course I will like the Asian theme. But even if you don’t find Asian culture particularly attractive or fascinating, it is still a great experience. I can only speak for the PvE content, due to the fact that I’m not very big into dungeons, raids, or PVP, but that doesn’t mean my review is limited. There have been huge changes to the PvE content as well, since the entirety of leveling from 85-90 takes place on Pandaria.

The first thing I noticed was the story- this story basically makes both factions the “bad guy” in a sense. The two factions are invading and attacking a peaceful country, one that was content, quiet and harmonious until the faction war spilled over into their land and started tearing it apart, literally crashing on their shores and…

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Words of wisdom: Sasha Grey

We love Sasha Grey and have even did a show about her on our site She is a awesome Smart Woman

Homo est Machina


It is time for spreading some high culture over this blog. By which I mean, of course, porn – the greatest cinematographic and audiovisual art ever made by any sentient being. 

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