We were hacked

Well it was bound to happen…notice the dates on the blog and website?? yes we were a victim of a hacker and had pages of data deleted posts, interviews, dates changed, we had someone update the sites for us and unfortunately due to yahoo we were compromised. So I guess we wont be going as press to comic con this year since they only check dates and soon as they see a 2017 date they will veto my press pass.

we had alot of new interviews for you and they are all gone now so i have to try to get them back for you all. Those who sent in comments are asked to please post them on comments or email them in. We apologize to our listeners and new viewers for this issue but ive been working on a fix between 3 jobs and a upcoming wedding.

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New Year Better Shows

Greetings all and Happy New Year! With this near year comes new excitement as we come out of hiatus to continue our show with more content some new some old with some of your favorite celebrities and personalities of the decade. Along with Humor and comedy, gaming entertainment and our own brand of reviews we will also be adding video to the blog as well as combining the audio from blogtalkradio.

What new things do you want us to cover this year….

Server Crash Out of Hiatus

Hi everyone
we are slowly returning from hiatus and discovered our webmaster quit some time ago and didnt update anything plus we lost alot of content interviews reviews etc and are trying to recover. So if you see a gaping Hole in the dates and times its because I cant update fast enough but im working on correcting that.
We will officially be returning this June on blogtalkradio and twitch.tv so spread the word things are gonna get twisted…

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The Return

After being on Hiatus for a long time we finally are looking to return however we are questioning where the listeners went to where our viewers and frankly why is every damn thing they do is beta now blogtalkradio was free then went paid but they don’t seem to be doing well u stream Once beta everything that was once free for all the podcasters and broadcasters suddenly was in and out of beta so that you have to pay for what you had before for free so in light of that this 2016 a atwistedmyth.com still lives. the internet radio Sensation that broke the boundaries that went and did things no normal but Podcast Addict did.  looking to return but looking for a venue so put a call out to all our listeners all of you  all supporters give us your feedback specially since you guys know will mention you on the air and your website which will generate more traffic for you where do you think we should return to Blog Talk Radio Ustream for a video chat with own YouTube channel and we’re going to be looking for Cohosts and spokesmodels you know what that means folks let us know

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New Season Approaches

Hello all my followers and listeners. While some of you visit and listen and don’t interact I have gotten countless emails about new season and new guests that are coming. While we have had issues with our website designer moving for a paying job we still move on. 

To answer Rob yes we will be covering NYCC this year as we have in the past and are looking to what the fans have to say and the cosplayers outfits. 

We will be returning soon with our usual big name guest like Debbie Rochon and Troma and Nikki Kreux. But we also will be doing live broadcasts from the show both in and out of Jacobs. We will also be covering gaming this year as our staff regrew to 3   Stay tuned for more

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We are back where are you?

It’s me CrazyNick looking to my WordPress, Twitter and Facebook followers and wondering where everyone went.
It’s that time of year hiatus is ending and we have thus far recorded two new shows via blogtalkradio speaker and our website HTTP://atwistedmyth.com and installed a new phone hotline. Start leaving questions and comments now as they will be added into the next 9 shows and spread the word we are back.
Next show is coming in may!!

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Preparing to Broadcast Again

We are coming off of Hiatus and preparing to start broadcasting again. AtwistedMyth Radio is going to test the waters at our old home BlogTalkRadio and do a short 30minute show this sunday Jan 10, 2016 at 10 am Est. We are going to try to do this on a weekly/monthly Basis to start things our depending on how many listeners we have and how much feedback we get.
For those who forgot about us, we are a popculture internet radio talk show ranging from 30minutes to 2 hrs on a weekly/biweekly/monthly basis as we restart the engines and restart broadcasting and getting followers and listeners back.

We updated the website and reset all counters since there were errors after we reached 9000 viewers. Also update a few other things as well as I keep forgetting to update the update date lol. We had to go back to freebie because I just can’t afford to carry the show myself anymore as it became too expensive.

Now we are a talk show that focus’ on pop culture, all facets of entertainment tv, movies, film,books, cosplay,conventions,gaming,fans. Now we are returning as a 1 person show for the moment as we assess the situation at btr and rebuild everything we lost.
For those unaware we used to be at BTR as our home base but when they went to a paid service and we lost our time slot and listener base. Coupled with a second cohost who trashed us because we were fast enough for him and caused us to loose alot of listeners while we tried to put things right.

But now we are back and will be re-airing OLD Interviews with Famous Celebrities Like Debbie Rochon, Kelly Maroney, Chris Costello (Lou Costellos Daughter) , Alexis Anastasio, Dai Green, Joe Flynn, Ms Misery aka Reyna Just to name a few.

So check in on our website http://atwistedmyth.yolasite.com and check out the page on blogtalk radio

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Where are my followers?

OK folks its been a while since I posted since real life has been kicking my ass lately. We are returning and question where our followers and fans went as well as our listeners.
All our blog,Instagram,twitter,Facebook,SoundCloud and blog talk radio fans have been vanishing and our 2k fans are too quiet lately.
I’m asking everyone to spread the word we are coming back and doing a special on NYCC yes NY comic-con as well as some amazing long overdue interviews with some fabulous celebrities you all know and love.
Spread the word atwistedmyth.com is back and broadcasting soon.

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Make some noise

Well we have been quiet too long as well as on winter hiatus, that’s what I am calling it anyway. Well we are coming back again and bringing the noise as we will be doing our normal speaker broadcast as well as live streaming on twitch and ustream as well as btr to utilize our time as well as blogging.

But before that let me get a rant out of the way, feel free to post a comment you might find yourself mentioned.

First off this is for the gaming companies, what is the deal with making graphics so intense that you need to buy a new PC for gaming. If you want those intense graphics where you can see the breathe off a character in the arctic get a console. I as a gamer could care less if you can see individual blades of grass as opposed to just detailed characters in the world and nice landscaping. But come on 49.99 for a game where you can see a fly sh*t on a blade of grass as opposed to good gameplay is ridiculous along with upgrading your rig eveytime you make an expansion or game?

Secondly Enough with dating be I am sure I’m not the only guy out there who has yo heart woman whine about no good or nice men out there anymore. STOP THAT!!
There are plenty of men who are NOT magic mike who are monogomous, good hearted, hardworking, won’t beat you or mistreat you. Most are even guys you put in the friend zone because they either weren’t good looking enough for you or your afraid of what your friends would think. Yes men go for looks too but not to extreme woman do. Who knows maybe the guy who finally got up the nerve to say hello to you before you told him f off you have a boyfriend when you don’t might be worth talking too.

Now while on subject of dating – dating websites – first off free everything for woman and men pay while companies make you pay to read a message you get from fakes or from the company that are worthless. Also ladies why go on a site to meet men and automatically ignore men who aren’t magic mike. See the paragraph above- reread it again go ahead i ‘ll wait. Who am I kidding I know you didn’t. I have proven this fact time and time again.

Yoga pants – god bless the maker of them. That’s all I gotta say. Yes I love a beautiful woman and a beautifully dressed woman is nice. So is a beautiful butt.

Girl gamers- where the hell are you? I’ve spoken to 3 in 5 yes.

Victoria secret – you rock and so do all woman who choose to wear it for them not their men.

Ladies just because a guy talks to you doesn’t mean its about sex. 70% of the time it is.
Men just because a woman talks to you doesn’t mean she likes you it means your hot and she wants by our sex and their friends would be impressed if your magic mike and they bagged you.

Conventions – have died in NY. Sure only nycc is left but every other convention that used to be here has left due to costs being so high. No more horror, SciFi,fantasy conventions so people have to spend more money to travel. But all these convention companies forget who press was when they were little and need to stop berating them.

Alright rant is done for now discuss this among yourselves.

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