We are Back !

Well after the pandemic and being hacked and dozens of paged deleted we are back and getting stronger than ever. TheCrazyNickShow has returned with our first topic behavorial conditioning ! with everything we have gone thru we need to start questioning what we are taught and told we must accept because only then will we find the truth or lies we live with on a daily basis.

We are back on twitter and instagram and facebook. We are also unofficially sponsored (we get nothing for promoting them) Daisyli.com which is Daisy’s Nashville Lounge in Patchogue NY a great country western bar on Long island the only one. With a good owner Gus (sure theres someone else too) and fantastic Waitresses , The Host Amanda will seat you and the beautiful Gabby will welcome you with a smile as will Ashley and Megan ! Tell them we sent you, they will look at you weird and you wont get anything (nor will we) but your showing them you know how good they are.

Now to instragram and that annoyance, why are woman conditioned that this is the only way to get followers is to drop their clothes and never talk but charge money to have a conversation?

How about the recent Scientific discoveries that are told to be forgotten ?

Tune in Wednesday nights 8pm est (for now possibly changing in future) for a live show with phone lines and chat room open. Sure sometimes we must do prerecorded shows or on the spot shows but but thats live . Tune into Talkshoe.com and search for us


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