Storm Area 51… Storm Loch Ness… Where Does This End?

this is interesting sounds like an upcoming show

Inquirers into the Strange

After the sudden popularity for the farsical notion that a mass of people storming the infamous Area 51 could lead to a revelation of the secrets that are rumoured to be contained therein, the ill-conceived idea has spread to give rise to a movement that proposes to storm Loch Ness.

Whilst the questionable plan to storm Area 51 garnered the attention and support of a plethora of plebians, the Loch Ness form could be far stupider.  Yes, Area 51 is heavily protected and those who infringe its boundaries risk incarceration, physical trauma, or even death.  Yes, anyone who is even partly aware of UFO lore is aware that Wright-Patterson would be a better target for anyone seeking to discover what, if anything, the US government holds that relates to Causal Extra-terrestrial Activity (C-ETA).  Yes, anyone who really thinks about the best way in which to conceal any such evidence or…

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