The Return

After being on Hiatus for a long time we finally are looking to return however we are questioning where the listeners went to where our viewers and frankly why is every damn thing they do is beta now blogtalkradio was free then went paid but they don’t seem to be doing well u stream Once beta everything that was once free for all the podcasters and broadcasters suddenly was in and out of beta so that you have to pay for what you had before for free so in light of that this 2016 a still lives. the internet radio Sensation that broke the boundaries that went and did things no normal but Podcast Addict did.  looking to return but looking for a venue so put a call out to all our listeners all of you  all supporters give us your feedback specially since you guys know will mention you on the air and your website which will generate more traffic for you where do you think we should return to Blog Talk Radio Ustream for a video chat with own YouTube channel and we’re going to be looking for Cohosts and spokesmodels you know what that means folks let us know

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