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Well we have been quiet too long as well as on winter hiatus, that’s what I am calling it anyway. Well we are coming back again and bringing the noise as we will be doing our normal speaker broadcast as well as live streaming on twitch and ustream as well as btr to utilize our time as well as blogging.

But before that let me get a rant out of the way, feel free to post a comment you might find yourself mentioned.

First off this is for the gaming companies, what is the deal with making graphics so intense that you need to buy a new PC for gaming. If you want those intense graphics where you can see the breathe off a character in the arctic get a console. I as a gamer could care less if you can see individual blades of grass as opposed to just detailed characters in the world and nice landscaping. But come on 49.99 for a game where you can see a fly sh*t on a blade of grass as opposed to good gameplay is ridiculous along with upgrading your rig eveytime you make an expansion or game?

Secondly Enough with dating be I am sure I’m not the only guy out there who has yo heart woman whine about no good or nice men out there anymore. STOP THAT!!
There are plenty of men who are NOT magic mike who are monogomous, good hearted, hardworking, won’t beat you or mistreat you. Most are even guys you put in the friend zone because they either weren’t good looking enough for you or your afraid of what your friends would think. Yes men go for looks too but not to extreme woman do. Who knows maybe the guy who finally got up the nerve to say hello to you before you told him f off you have a boyfriend when you don’t might be worth talking too.

Now while on subject of dating – dating websites – first off free everything for woman and men pay while companies make you pay to read a message you get from fakes or from the company that are worthless. Also ladies why go on a site to meet men and automatically ignore men who aren’t magic mike. See the paragraph above- reread it again go ahead i ‘ll wait. Who am I kidding I know you didn’t. I have proven this fact time and time again.

Yoga pants – god bless the maker of them. That’s all I gotta say. Yes I love a beautiful woman and a beautifully dressed woman is nice. So is a beautiful butt.

Girl gamers- where the hell are you? I’ve spoken to 3 in 5 yes.

Victoria secret – you rock and so do all woman who choose to wear it for them not their men.

Ladies just because a guy talks to you doesn’t mean its about sex. 70% of the time it is.
Men just because a woman talks to you doesn’t mean she likes you it means your hot and she wants by our sex and their friends would be impressed if your magic mike and they bagged you.

Conventions – have died in NY. Sure only nycc is left but every other convention that used to be here has left due to costs being so high. No more horror, SciFi,fantasy conventions so people have to spend more money to travel. But all these convention companies forget who press was when they were little and need to stop berating them.

Alright rant is done for now discuss this among yourselves.

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