Social Experiment:Dating Websites FAIL!

It has been some time since I posted a Blog Update and I have been Doing another Social Experiment since November and Wrapping it Up the end of January. With all the hub-bub around and being single I have been trying different online dating websites and have interesting results which nobody can disprove but many can agree with.
First Up is Zoosk. FAIL.
Not only do they have alot of Fake Profiles with fake photo’s (Like Celebrities for example, Photo’s from other dating sites even branded with that sites name). They Also Have Robo responses, when you sign up its free and you can post a photo and profile and search for who your interested in.
Then your given the chance of sending a message or a wink. If you send a wink (why do sites do this?) You get a auto response from the person thanking you for a wink but asking for a message instead. So you send a message, and weeks, months go by without a response. Now in between all these searches your given the option to BUY coins to boost your popularity so people become more interested in you and you come in higher in their search results.
Also if your a paid member thats when your Messages I feel are actually sent. I subbed for 1 month and send messages to 6 women. I got responses back asking me to tell them more, waited til the month was up and responded, mind you I got some responses Fast within a day and others within a few weeks. Not one response when I wasn’t a paying member.
Then I found some Celebrity photos of these single women, I reported it and received a nice cut and paste form response back that was written by a 8 year old.

So basically when you pay $20-$40 month subscription and an additional $20-$60 to boost your popularity your BUYING the right to actually communicate with someone or even finding out if your message was read and if the person was interested or not. I tried another free site and I spoke with one woman 3x over 4 months who told me she wasn’t interested but thanked me for writing to her. Thats more than I received from, Zoosk, or any other one and that was on Plenty Of Fish. Oh and theres those Zoosk Employees that are on site but dont respond either. You see those commercials that are not actors But if you search those are ALL Actor’s. You can only wink for free. To Communicate or talk with someone or message anyone or get your messages you have to pay $20-$39 month. If your a free member You get no responses from Anyone. FAIL!!

Plenty of Fish: Alot of Fakes No way to specify searches, No responses except 1 out of 200 while being a paid member.  Even saw someone who I knew personally who was married and had no idea her photo was on there.

Then there is Eharmony $40 a month I tried this years ago first when it came out and back then it gave you up to 5 people to talk to and you spoke to each other without seeing a photo which wasn’t bad but everything was dragged out for 2 months before you would see a photo upon final conversation and then choose what to do. You have seen all the commercials again of actors (come on you never see inter-racial couples, Slim or overweight? What does that tell you?) I tried it again Early last year and you got photo’s right off the bat. No responses.

Here is the Kicker – It is not the Dating Sites Fault that they ROB you – It is the Members because Society has installed in everyone the “Model” look and few and in between are real people who get thrown aside and rarely get out there. I had paid a professional to write a profile that was rated as best possible profile guaranteed to provoke conversations with me. Along with my photo and I am an average guy. Not 1 response from any site. So I copied a very popular guys profile made a second account posted it without a photo. Lots of responses, when i posted a photo, Crickets.

How Flawed is our Society?

Then their is the other side of the coin. I Joined the Night Exchange a few years ago when I started this experiment. Its not a phone chat line more of a call up and listen to personal ads and if interested record a message and wait for a recorded response and if you click you can either chat on system or off system. Of course you have to pay $60 for a 1 hour block of time to only listen to your recorded messages. I met tons of people you talk to and get to know before seeing photographs and basing them on what society might think.

What are your Experiences?