Biased Convention Bust

Well for the First time since New York Comic-con launched in NYC we will be missing the convention. As both A Fan and a Member of the Press this is sad. Now before reading further you should Note I am not bashing anyone this is my normal language so I hope it is not held against me, like last year when I questioned not allowing me a press pass for 10 stupid reasons that had nothing to do with humanity, if you search you can actually find it.

This year I applied for my Press badge early, For years I have attended, Alone for the Con trying to cover everything as I was told I was not allowed more than 1 person in press for my show. I do internet radio as most of you know and Do alot of Coverage both live and recorded, audio , video and photographs with the celebrities and Fans of NYCC. But due to the face we do not have over 10k listeners worldwide, or an actual tv news camera we have been denied for a second year, even being told we weren’t allowed back after complaining about being denied last year for a list of reasons that a 10 yr old made up and had nothing to do remotely with humanity or my show and proved they had no reason to deny me.

I applied early as I said, and the DAY after Saturday tickets sold out I was sent the email Denying me a press badge but I could buy a Fan Only badge for thursday and sunday if I wish.  To me it seems they purposely waited to deny me a pass after the original date I was going was sold out. Of course they say once denied you can not appeal however again I tried to reach the people in charge and All that happened was my emails went to the recycle bin as they refused to even reply or tell me why I was denied.

Also the next day after they closed all press registration, they then announce Panels, Guests coming and I said this last year and they held it against me, they refuse to say who is coming and what days so they can sell 3 and 4 day passes fast rather than 1 day passes so they don’t release Guest info. Almost All Conventions Have Guest’s Booked a min of 30 days in advance and all guests unless emergency pops up knows if they are coming.

I have never been to SDCC yet I have been invited there every year. Go Figure…

3 yrs ago when I was at NYCC as press and stood in line for 2 hours on press line for admittance I saw many press that were 2-5 people for 1 press outlet most internet based, some film production companies, 2 tv crews and we spoke to many fans who had their own problems with the con. All this was held against us, we even had a few celebs we knew personally who were at the con who were annoyed with how we were treated as press.

What do you think?

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