End of X-Play & AoTS

All Nerds Sighed tonight and It was heard around the world….except the offices of G4

This is MY review of the finale of these 2 great Shows and In my opinions only bits and pieces were great but were lacking. Back in November G4 announced they were cancelling these 2 shows to rebrand the network into more of a man’s show and call it The Esquire Channel (Wasn’t that a women’s magazine?)

First off X-play Finale was Pretty Good, Morgan Webb (Very Beautiful and talented) and Blair Herter (I Met Him! Before he Married Jessica Chobot- Lucky Man!) Now all shows were recorded in advance and as far as I can tell they stopped recording Shows just before thanksgiving and were airing alot of repeats except for specials like top 100 video games of all time where they briefly commented on the fact they were cancelled and couldn’t comment more due to legalities. Last Episode was pretty good But I should have been unscripted and Live, They are all respected adults. Was sad to see them go!
Now there is NOTHING on TV for Nerds or any videogame enthusiast to watch.

AOTS FINALE – Very sad and I found myself a little Teary I Admit when Candace started to Cry. It would’ve been nice if her, Sara, and Matt had it also unscripted and live rather than record it month’s earlier.  But unlike X-play AOTS Rarely commented on the end or even when the finale was but aired Repeats. I was Disappointed when I tuned in after thanksgiving to catch Chris Hardwick of Nerdist (Great Guy met Him three Times!) Doing best moments of the show and NOT Candace and Sara which I felt was a Jip.

TV has officially sunk to new levels but with repeats of Knight Rider, Cops and ReRuns of Campus PD and now loosing these 2 shows I feel they are loosing Millions of viewers by these stupid moves. In my opinions They Say hey this show should get X amount of viewers and if that show gets just 1% less they want to axe the show. But I did Like how X-Play and AOTS Got the entire staff involved in filming and the final good-byes.

You Will be Missed Morgan Webb, Sara Underwood, Candace Bailey, Jessica Chobot, Matt Mira, Blair Herter!!

May you all Find a future working somewhere great together because your a GREAT TEAM!!

Results of Corporate Meeting (Jan 14, 2013)

So I met with a few of the shareholders for a General Meeting of the webshow and I must admit not all members were present but there was some concern. So Below you will find some of the things that were voted on and the future of the show including how we will return to the air and how often we broadcast and the Co-hosts. So read on dear followers and listeners and PLEASE provide feedback on what you think. You the listeners carry alot of weight with the board members so all your emails, posts and comments are relayed to them. Here is what the voting came down to….

Keep Show Name

  • Show name will be changed and Announced Soon to shorter more memorable name.
  • Keeping this blog, just Re-Branding the Name of it and show
  •  Press Releases for blog, show, and Re-branding and Guests
  • Marketing, Marketing, Marketing
  • Work broadcasts for either Blogtalkradio(paid), Talkshoe (free), Ustream (audio only?)
  • Schedule More Guest Interviews and Musical Guests
  • Re-Brand and Re-Build Website and Press Release it.
  • Find Interns to work on show, help and give them a part in it.
  • More Contests, Swag, Giveaways
  • Models MUST be Male (for ladies) and Female (for Men)
  • Bring in more Bloggers to add to Blog Content. (Intern’s, Celebrities etc)
  • Go Mobile (we have)
  • More Focused Show Focus on Independents, but stick with entertainment, Gaming, Film, Music
  • Purchase a Shorter Domain Name (Done Press Release Coming)
  • More Networking and Cross Promotion.
  • First few shows Should be 1x or 2x a month for first 3 months, then move bi-weekly for 3 months, then weekly forever after that.
  • More Cliffhangers…( We still don’t like the idea of suspending an intern off a cliff and having callers decide if we cut the rope or not and have to tune in next time to see what happens.)
  • Everyone involved must sign a contract of some sort stipulating length of service and dedication.
  • More affiliates covering Conventions, Fairs etc across the Planet.
  • More Fashion for Men and Women.
  • Bring Back the Crazy (i.e what would you do for $1 type stuff)
  • Add message base to website for comments via Skype.
  • More Promo’s and Ad’s involving listeners, viewers and celebrities.
  • Talk Panel Must consist of Main host and 2-5 more consisting of 3 Women, 2 men plus Host

Ok everyone please voice your comments and feedback NOW…



Death of A Strip Club

Times are a changing as the Years pass, This saturday night I was looking to visit a strip club for a little enjoyment as a pre-birthday Outing. I decided to Visit a Club I have not been to in 3 yrs which opened at 8pm with 3 male customers and 10 dancers, which is one of the few remaing Clubs on Long Island in Commack called The Scene. Now even tho they claim they sell food this is a strip club there is no food, they open 5pm on weekdays and 8pm on saturdays and is a small establishment.
Now Some of you might think that sounds really good let me rewind and tell you 3 yrs ago when I went to this strip club on a  friday night from 8pm-11pm. I enter the club at 8pm on friday night 4 male customers 10 dancers working 1 behind bar Cause they wont go on stage if there isnt more than 10 male customers in place. 3-5 girls sitting at end of the bar talking to themselves. 3 of the ugly ones will come up and introduce themselves asking if I wanted a Massage or lapdance and do not take no for an answer or a not right now to the point I have to actually tell them to get away from me and when I want you I will come to you. The rest of the girls who wait for the big spenders to show up wont even look at you. Then there’s the 10-20 girls sitting in dressing room in back taking 3 hours to put on a thong and bra who do not come out until theres 20 people in club and ignore the DJ when he calls them to the bar or stage 3x in a row. Management doesnt do anything…Plus the prices are not bad for a beer is only $7 which is normal but the lapdances are $30 for a 3 min song and thats all you get is 1 song which begins a timer they keep to make sure you dont go over 3 mins unless you pay another $30. Where you pay and go and sit down while the song is already playing and by the time the girl strips down you get 1 min dance for $30.

Now if you rewind back 6 yrs prior to that when I was going on friday and saturday nights every week it was the exact same thing but management cared a bit more. The Girls were alot nicer to customers.

Now Fast Forward to Last Nights Adventure which was a waste I spent $30 on drinks and a few singles into a couple of dancers who would come straight to me and ignore the other 2 guys there with a dancer. I checked for the big sucker sign but didnt see one over me. A few girls I didnt pay any attention to came and pestered me even after I told them Not right now maybe later still came back after 10 mins to try again. 2 Hot looking ones Come and sit at end of bar not talking to anyone obviously waiting for their big spenders to show up. I considered leaving when dancer and guy she was with knock me out of my chair without so much as an excuse me or I’m sorry. Disgusted I left, back in 80-late 90’s strip clubs had fewer girls but they sat and chatted with you, didnt try to make you buy a lapdance or a drink and were humans and lapdance went for $20. Not now at the Scene in Commack where I went where once you buy a lapdance the girl ignores you for the rest of your life unless you immediately buy a vip dance.

What are your thoughts? Plus I know the ladies are reading thing and probably laughing but don’t get me started on chippendales or male revues. Women are usually alot worse then men…Alot