Black friday or Corp Greed? Wake up World

Ok this is just my views but are corporations still so greedy that people can’t see this…Its the day after thanksgiving and While I looked thru all the black friday ad’s which were in yesterday’s newspaper I noticed something that hasn’t changed.

Unless your looking for a Big Screen TV just about everything thats listed as a door buster black friday sale is Normally priced or reduced by literally $1.00…I mean some items Like the Xbox 250gb console was on sale for $249 which it has been for the past 4 yrs but some stores thru in 2-3 “free” games with it that werent all that expensive.

Is it just me who see’s corporations really don’t care about anyone other than making money and nobody else see’s this I mean when will we as a society wake up the next time they scream profits are down lets cut jobs and close stores because nobody is buying the stuff that they haven’t had a sale on since the 1980’s….

I want to hear your thoughts on this


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