Survival After Hurricane Sandy

Ok so its 7 Days After Sandy hit, No Electric, No Heat nothing and most of Long Island Crippled with little relief in form of shorter gas lines and Some places like the mall open so you can spend 5 hours keeping warm and eating something warm.

Let me tell you Folks there is alot of Devastation out there and This post is not to make light of those who are in dire Straights but In my opinion LIPA has dropped the Ball on this one. If they did not get outside crews in to help it would be easily 1-2 months without power. As it stands now they estimate 10 days as they are focusing on their critical area’s first and the backbone. We haven’t seen a truck in site and mind you in my neighborhood every place around us for 4 blocks in every direction has power out block does not, yet there is nobody assigned to even put up the 2 downed lines in my street to turn our power back on. we aren’t important enough. Mind you no electric means no heat and with a senior citizen living with you I fear her health is getting dangerously low. Sure you can Drive 6 miles to a shelter if you can get in and use the gas specially when there could be a shelter 2 blocks away…But Am I Bitter….Damn Straight…

The Funny thing is cablevision showed up right away to fix out downed cable lines so we can watch tv….but there is no power….Doh!!!

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