Cell Phone Companies Prove Greed

This is just our opinion, (submitted by one of our reporters)

Have you noticed all the Cellphone companies are greedy, out of the 2 biggest ones who are dependable and have good ratings Verizon & AT & T. Now if you decide to buy anything these days you need to sign a contract that you will commit to one company for 2 yrs regardless of how much they charge you or the insanely price of cellphones which are all mostly for those who actively can afford big bills. Face it if you want a new cellphone you need to sign a 2 yr contract to buy a Cell for minimum of $200-$300 but if you like a new phone you CAN’T Upgrade unless you sign for another 2 yrs otherwise that new cellphone price jumps $500-$800. But we can’t live without our cells so we are at their mercy and it is truly sad what has come of this country when they can charge whatever they want.

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