Promoting New Singer: Taylor

Music Fans Pay attention to this Breaking News! There is a young Lady with a Phenominal Voice that we ask everyone to check out and share and reblog. Here is a Little bit of info on this young lady which can be found on facebook. I ask everyone to respect her and treat her with dignity and respect, and if you like her music comment and pass it along. Music is a growing forum and our younger generation seem to have a handle on it…

Quoted From  Taylor Belle

“I just turned 14, I have been singing since i was in 3rd grade, I have done many shows and contest all around long island and in pennsylvania this weekend, i sing all kinds of music including r&b, pop, oldies, and hip hop! i mostly do covers but i am in the process of having my own songs written for me i also enjoy writing my own songs but i do not have any music for them at this time, you can contact me through my email, (, through my facebook fan page, ( ) or through my youtube page, ( )


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