How Far to take Steampunk Cosplay?

Is it me or is this Hot?

dreampunk geek

Cosplay is something I’ve only recently discovered when I dressed up last May for the Steampunk World Fair 2012.  Ever since I’ve been planning and plotting my next 3 costumes.

steampunk lady with a gun

I have to research the American West, French & British war, relations with Native Americans in the 1800s, relations with the British in the 1800s, guns, knives, Irish Republican Army, trains, silver mines, and a whole lot of fashion during this time.

steampunk leg warmers spats

This may seem like a ridiculous amount of work to some (ok most) people, but to me it is a thrill.  I am creating an entire story, characters, and steampunk world to fit into.

steampunk waistcoat vest fashion

Steampunk World Fair 2013 will be 3 days.  I want 3 costumes.  One for each day.  As the days progress, so will the story line of my costumes and characters.

steampunk victorian historical 1870 dress

Does anyone else do all this?  Am I going too far?  Taking this too…

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