Review: Friends with Benefits

So we Finally Got around to watching this Film Friends with Benefits which came out in 2011 with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. First off let me say as a Guy growing up in the 80’s back then this is what 80’s-early 90’s seemed to be about here on Long Island,NY. Either woman at the time wanted a relationship or just sex and being myself never getting it right was either the one looking just for sex while women wanted a relationship or I wanted a relationship when they wanted sex. It varied from women to women not time to time, but we Enjoyed this Movie.

In a nutshull boy meets girl , both have had numerous bad relationships. They become friends so they are both in the Deadly friend Zone. They feel they are adult enough to have sex with no strings and no emotion which seems good in theory until after a while being friends and lovers intertwine and they both start falling for each other but AFRAID yes I said it AFRAID to tell the other one for fear it would end everything and they don’t take that chance. Finally they both mess up enough to end things which makes them realize they actually love each other, and end up together as a couple thats perfect for each other.

This movie is not about society, Looks, Sex, love or relationships as everything is today but about basic concept to not hold back and take  a chance. Everything is not what it seems and since you only live once you SHOULD take a chance and do what your heart says. Not your friends or society but what you feel is right.

We rate this a 7 out of 10 only because we would have loved to see more and there was a few slow points.

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