Sayville Maritime Seafood Festival

So it has been a few days and I finally managed to find some time to review this little festival we went to that happens every year on last weekend of August. If your a Sayville resident then you know what I mean, The Sayville Maritime Seafood Festival.

Now this was a first for me but I have attended Many Sayville Festival’s and street fairs over the years and I have to admit I was disappointed. On a scale of 1-10 I rated this about a 4, now for the reasons which I will list below

  • No Parking, you Had to be Bussed in via shuttles from four locations due to the event being on/near the Sayville Golf Course so there could be no parking since the course would loose customers and wasn’t big enough.
  • No Seating – There was live Music but unless you sat on the ground you couldn’t sit anywhere, Including the Elderly and you could not bring any chairs since you had to be shuttled. As for Food Area there was two Semi Large tents to sit and eat in shade and that was it.
  • Vendors- There was plenty of the usual festival Vendors clustered together, again no place to sit. There were 2 spots for Seafood which made me question what boxed seafood they were using. Since I love the Baked clam’s I was disappointed to learn they only had fried clams and nothing on the shell. Craft Vendor’s were few and clustered into a 3 row 3 column section of the grounds.

All in all the 5 hours we were there we were disappointed and the only thing that seemed to draw the biggest crowds was the pirate show for the kids….Right at the entrance blocking people from coming in easily. Disappointed in the $8 admission fee to come in and see some of the small ships on display, the stage with musicians, food vendors craft vendors and nothing else. Since when do you need to pay to get into a Subpar Festival? They do a Much better Seafood Festival right on Main Street in the Spring with Fresh food and lower prices. If you went we want to hear from you.
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