Here’s Whats Wrong with Economy- WAKE UP AMERICA!

Ok like most People you start working at a young age at some job and paying into Social Security for your future. This in turn is supposed to enable you, should you loose your job to survive for roughly 6 months before you loose benefit payments and help you search for work before the deadline.
What Most people don’t realize is Unemployment claims is Always high mostly being from people who are either at end of their 6 months benefits and reapplying for an extension while they look for work or their benefit year has ended and they are still unemployed and reapplying for unemployment.
Come on everyone is amazed everytime they put out these reports on the economy and say its getting better because Unemployment claims are down but thats only because people are either working, on unemployment or just ended their benefits for some reason or another.
Now you work for 20 yrs lets say and due to some unforseen reason you lose your job and while you struggle to find work you file for unemployment where they look at the last 3 quarters of the past year to see if you have earned enough money to warrant unemployment benefits which can range from $40 week to $300 and that is after taxes by the way. When are people going to realize all corporations that own business’s stopped hiring in the early 90’s. No more on Long island do you find jobs in say warehouses, clerical, retail unless you are female then it seems you do get hired for cashier’s everywhere, no matter your experience. I just think all these people who say there’s tons of jobs realize not everyone is a salesman who can work for Commission only jobs or Construction workers or construction in general. Hey this is just my opinion but feel free to comment on this. It’s a rant or an aggravated opinion, you choose.

2 comments on “Here’s Whats Wrong with Economy- WAKE UP AMERICA!

  1. The third to last sentence sums up how I feel. I am a recent college grad and the only jobs available are commission based and I actually had to take a job as a telemarketer which is base plus commission. Still totally brutal. I mean I am calling businesses not homes so people are somewhat more receptive but is still a crap job. I am by no means a salesman either (no pushy enough) resulting in me not meeting quotas so I am sure I will have to take another sales job somewhere else and I do not want to do that. But I am also the only one of a lot of my fellow graduates that did not just go back to their prior summer jobs earning a hourly wage. A good use of our expensive education. But at least I am trying unlike some others out there.

  2. It gets worse when you are over 50. Theoretically, there’s no age discrimination…want to bet? Imagine trying to feed & clothe your teens and help cover the ones in college when all you can find are those crap jobs. I’m lucky right now (good job for the last 14 years) but my best friend lost his a couple of months ago and is really having a tough time of it.

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