Single People’s LI Guide PT 1

Hello Single People !
I have a few upcoming article’s on the Long Island Single Scene and Have decided to share my thought’s and Opinions with you. But Please read the Following Disclaimer – The Following Is my Views and Opinion’s along with a few Comment’s from some patron’s I spoke with at various places. It is NOT the Majority of People’s honest belief’s or feelings as most people will lie about what they believe for reason’s of not wanting to be Labeled…

We Went for our last Saturday Night (not labor day weekend Saturday Night) But 2 weeks prior for our second time, the First Being in Beginning of July on a Saturday Night. We went to DUBLIN DECK out in Patchogue, LI, I am sure most of you have seen the commercial’s on TV showing it a great single’s scene place.
Well I arrived there at 7pm, watched a live band play as the DJ was packing up, Ate a good tasting Chicken Quesadilla and had a few beers while looking around.
Now as A Single Guy I am always on the Lookout for a place with alot of single woman, And few men as to maximize my chances of meeting someone. Now I do not know how this place is the other 6 days a week but this Saturday Night was horrid.

8pm : Band started packing up and since DJ long since left the only music was what was playing on a jukebox or radio, couldn’t tell where it was coming from. There was alot more men there then woman and the woman that were there were in group’s of 3-6 (which makes it a little hard to start a conversation with just 1 girl). I did speak to a waitress who was wearing an interesting shirt and she mentioned it was oddly slow but would pick up.
I don’t know about the picking up part but I hung around till 11 and I didn’t see anymore people coming in. Although it was the best Place I have seen that ranges in ages from 23-65 and had a pretty good sized dance floor and 2 bars with Good Food. I also started up a conversation with one girl about the place and was descended upon by her 2 girlfriends who commented how she was taken and not interested, (Yes Some girl’s are rude and don’t Allow their friends to talk with anybody they don’t approve of).

We Did speak to One guy who was there waiting to meet his friends there and told me the place is usually a sausage-fest and he wasn’t sure where all the woman were, but they weren’t there for weeks.
Now back in the day (90’s) it was easy to goto a club/bar back then and start a conversation with a girl without having to go thru the obstacle course of their girlfriends or guy friends. Today it seem’s to have gotten worse, although I will admit I can’t talk to woman and it’s not a confidence issue either but thats another 6 blogs.

Back to Dublin Deck, This is the second time we were there and the bartender’s took care of us rather quick, seemed like they only really chatted among themselves and friends or regular’s at the bar and I found myself going out of my way just to get someone’s attention to leave a tip. The Food was good from what I ate and saw and the music was definitely good.

As for summer Bar’s I would have to give this place a 5 out of 10 only because it was not single guy friendly. Come on when are we gonna have a bar that has a Men’s Night? The majority of people at the bars nowadays are men, and single woman who might want to try the single bar scene would follow. There really isn’t much around anymore for single guys unless you want to pay tons of money for those flashy fake dating services.

Look for our next Guide Coming in a few days…Including Sayville Maritime Seafood Festival…and others…

Feel free to share this blog or comment or debate me on it…

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