Once Upon A Time Season 2 Premiere

SPOILER WARNING : This is from the East Coast Season 2 Premiere of Once Upon a Time with Some Spoilers;

I must say waiting For months for this Premiere was torture and it was finally paid off this evening. First off to catch you up on what happened in Season 1, they had a 1 hour special beforehand that gave you everything from episode 1 until the finale. It was worth the catch up but what does that say about the hour long show that was over 26 episodes summarized in 1 hour?

Onto tonight’s Premiere, the introduction of magic was interesting as it appears Emma is the only one who can push the magic to work. The notion of the fairytale land being gone might be a trick of Rumplestilskin’s or Regina’s but now it makes you wonder if a corner of the kingdom was spared, then why and why wouldn’t the people of storybrook be returned to that spot?

Also what about the introduction of wraith’s, Mulan, and Aurora? I must say it is exciting or did anyone else notice the 1 hour season premiere was more like 30 minutes with all those damn commercial’s?? When did that become more important on TV but that’s another story for another day…I want to hear everyone’s comments on this Episode and Show in General. Let’s see how many people really like it??

Cell Phone Companies Prove Greed

This is just our opinion, (submitted by one of our reporters)

Have you noticed all the Cellphone companies are greedy, out of the 2 biggest ones who are dependable and have good ratings Verizon & AT & T. Now if you decide to buy anything these days you need to sign a contract that you will commit to one company for 2 yrs regardless of how much they charge you or the insanely price of cellphones which are all mostly for those who actively can afford big bills. Face it if you want a new cellphone you need to sign a 2 yr contract to buy a Cell for minimum of $200-$300 but if you like a new phone you CAN’T Upgrade unless you sign for another 2 yrs otherwise that new cellphone price jumps $500-$800. But we can’t live without our cells so we are at their mercy and it is truly sad what has come of this country when they can charge whatever they want.

Magic Mike – Film Review

Here’s another for you ladies, you know who you are? Why not follow us and get your dose of manliness. Come on you know you want to even if you deny it..



Director: Steven Soderbergh

Stars: Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer and Matthew McConaughey

Mike Lane (Channing Tatum) by his own words is an entrepreneur, he has bundles of charm and can turn his hand to anything, he spends most of his days trying to earn as much money as he can on construction sites and detailing cars, his ultimate dream is to have his own business designing original one off pieces of furniture.

By night Mike becomes Magic Mike, the hottest headliner in an all-male revue, Mike has been dancing at Club Xquisite for many years and brings to the stage his own original style and super hot dance moves, bringing in lots of woman who are prepared to spend big making club owner Dallas (Matthew McConaughey) one happy man.

Adam (Alex Pettyfer), The Kid, is a slacker, living with his sister and unable to hold down a job. Mike decides…

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Promoting New Singer: Taylor

Music Fans Pay attention to this Breaking News! There is a young Lady with a Phenominal Voice that we ask everyone to check out and share and reblog. Here is a Little bit of info on this young lady which can be found on facebook. I ask everyone to respect her and treat her with dignity and respect, and if you like her music comment and pass it along. Music is a growing forum and our younger generation seem to have a handle on it…

Quoted From  Taylor Belle

“I just turned 14, I have been singing since i was in 3rd grade, I have done many shows and contest all around long island and in pennsylvania this weekend, i sing all kinds of music including r&b, pop, oldies, and hip hop! i mostly do covers but i am in the process of having my own songs written for me i also enjoy writing my own songs but i do not have any music for them at this time, you can contact me through my email, (taylorbelmonte@aol.com), through my facebook fan page, ( http://www.facebook.com/pages/Taylor-Belle-singing/231842673540013 ) or through my youtube page, ( http://www.youtube.com/user/taylorbelmonte )


How Far to take Steampunk Cosplay?

Is it me or is this Hot?

dreampunk geek

Cosplay is something I’ve only recently discovered when I dressed up last May for the Steampunk World Fair 2012.  Ever since I’ve been planning and plotting my next 3 costumes.

steampunk lady with a gun

I have to research the American West, French & British war, relations with Native Americans in the 1800s, relations with the British in the 1800s, guns, knives, Irish Republican Army, trains, silver mines, and a whole lot of fashion during this time.

steampunk leg warmers spats

This may seem like a ridiculous amount of work to some (ok most) people, but to me it is a thrill.  I am creating an entire story, characters, and steampunk world to fit into.

steampunk waistcoat vest fashion

Steampunk World Fair 2013 will be 3 days.  I want 3 costumes.  One for each day.  As the days progress, so will the story line of my costumes and characters.

steampunk victorian historical 1870 dress

Does anyone else do all this?  Am I going too far?  Taking this too…

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