The Budget Single Guys Guide to FireIsland pt4

Did you think we didn’t save the best Guide for last? Did you think we were not going to mention the most valuable tool you want and need for fire island exploration. Now Mind you it might put some people off figuring well its a website so I will never get a response…WRONG!! You not only get responses from other people on the site but the Guy who runs it actually responds and provides extra info even his own opinions on advice from his own experience which is invaluable.

Ok do we have you wanting more? Head on over to

Thats right thats the Facebook page for the site

This site has everything you would need to learn about fire island starting with Daily Beach reports by and intrepid reporter who gives you the actual beach report with Video From the Shoreline. A must have if you plan on spending time on the beach and swimming since you really can not trust the weather forecasts anymore.
Along with that you get a slew of information has all you need to know. Now the Facebook page is a bit different from the website, as the Facebook page you can ask a general question to the population and get responses from fellow Fire islander’s as well as the guy who runs the sight. Where are you going to find a place where you can ask a question and get an expert’s advice. Now if your Looking to stay on Fire Island for a minimum of 2 days well the Website has all info on Fire Island Hotels like which we have picked as the Best Hotel to stay at on Fireisland even if your just going for a 2 night stay you can get a decent priced room for a modest amount.

Now of course if your young and looking to party you would want to visit Flynn’s out in Ocean Bay park and if you aren’t sure well they have a facebook page too

One Thing I will make note of For you Day Trippers is the fact that you can NOT find a place to stay on Fire Island Overnight. So if you miss the last Ferry Home (See and don’t have $100 to spend on a cross bay Water Taxi (See your pretty Much Screwed. I know they want to Make money, hence why most rooms are expensive as hell (most $200+ for a 2 night stay and need to be booked 1 month in advance min), if they Made Rooms available to be rented for 1 day heck make it $50 for the night I am sure they would be swamped and soled out fast. My reason for this is those who come to FireIsland with a Bag, cooler, beachwear, and then in afternoon decide to check out some bars or nightlife you either have to leave your bags outside the bar and hope nobody takes them or have to just leave and head home ending your adventure. A Day Room provides you with a Locked place to keep your stuff until the next day and also provides you for a place to spend the night should you miss the ferry or have way to much to drink..

Well that concludes our Fire Island Guides For Now…We might have 1 or 2 more coming dealing with Nightlife and the Singles Scene but it has to be organized first….We hope you enjoyed our guides and if so feel free to like it and follow and share it with your friends.

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