The Budget Single Guys Guide to FireIsland pt 3

Well We come to the End of our Little Budget Guide, Remember this is just one Guys adventures on Fire Island with very Little Cash spent. Mind you I had went with about $300 in my pocket since I was always afraid of missing the last ferry home and having to try and bribe a hotel to let me spend night in the lobby. They really need to Start renting Day rooms out for 1 night visits, Yea they make more money on 2 night stay’s but come on. Also they Need to have Locker’s available for day trippers to keep a bag of like a towel and swimsuit in there for anyone who doesn’t want to carry a bag around with them from bar to bar to bar. Just my opinion anyway.

Ok Last Day Trip to Fire Island we cut out the Middle Man and went Straight over via Ferry To Ocean Beach or as some call it the Land of No. Now they have gotten looser with the laws there now and are not as strict but still have no problem ticketing you if you step out of line, or so I am told.

Arriving In Ocean Beach at 9 am this one Saturday there was a threat of a Large storm in the evening hours so I had to watch the weather. I went to the beach for a while, swam in the warm ocean waters before heading into town to hit Castaways For some Wings and Beer. Now one Note on Castaway’s, The Food is delicious as I spoke to a few customer’s around me but the Hostess was smoking Hot as all the waitress’. Now I am absolutely sure they were 18-23 years old but definitely pretty ladies. Spent $20 here for Lunch before walking around Ocean Beach for a hour checking the Stores, People watching which I do alot. Flirting with Woman and asking questions, where to one point there was one girl who was being such a B**ch to people I introduced myself from the radioshow and asked her boyshort’s or thongs and watched as she lifted her skirt to show me. Now remember earlier I said the Land of No Got lenient until you stepped out of line? Well here is when I got to see a Police Officer In action come out and give this girl a Stern Talking to for standing in the middle of the Town and exposing her Underwear. I grinned and walked away, revenge was a bit sweet.

Then News Came in, the Storm was Fast approaching Earlier and they were advising people to leave the island SOON if they did Not have a place to stay on the Island. That Cut my adventure down, so I went by Houser’s again and noted  there was only about 4 people in bar 3 guys and 1 girl not including the bartender and nobody out back. I checked Maguire’s which was so packed with people I was told wait to get to the Bar was 1 hour. I walked over to Island Mermaid which was busy and looked inviting and again told wait to get into the restaurant was 1 hour and the bar was packed that There was no way to drink anything without spilling it.

I decided to take a short walk, (will I ever Learn??) From Ocean Beach thru Seaview to Ocean Bay Park and Flynn’s. The Place was Jamming with good music and a small crowd that was increasing every 10 minutes. But it was definitely populated by the younger 21-27 crowd. I bought myself a beer and sat out on the deck people watching, I flirted with a few woman, who couldn’t be bothered to flirt back before I had a group of girl’s sitting at a table next to me all discussing cheating on their boyfriends. Yes I was so impressed I commented and Left. I went back to Ocean Beach which by the way is only a short 30 min walk from Flynn’s in Ocean Bay Park.

Then I found the Place…Sandbar…Band was setting up, tables were out and was fully of people eating and drinking Rocket Fuel (which I am upset about not getting to try again this summer). But as I sat at a table checking out the waitress’ butt I was shocked when she turned around and I saw this Sexy Young Lady who works at Gold’s Gym PT as a second job working there. Now this girl is a young College Girl with a Rocking Sexy body and more talkative then she was at the Gym. But I was so shocked by seeing Her I did not even manage to get the words together to even attempt to ask her out. Although I must admit she works out alot cause her Butt was dead sexy. She is a sweet girl and Asked how long I was staying because someone else told her they were telling people to take the Next ferry off the island if they didn’t have a room. I was tempted to comment but was too nice of a guy. I paid my tab, said Goodbye and left for the 3pm Ferry Home. Total for the Day $56

Now there were other times I wanted to go back before The end of the Summer But I could never find out the best places or times to go, The Hotels and Inn were all expensive and wanted you to spend minimum of 2 nights for over $260 plus If I was going back I had to decide whether goto the beach with just swimsuit under my shorts and a towel and later throwing out the towel or just going over in afternoon from 5-7pm for drinks before taking last ferry back. Either way I managed to make 3 visits to Fire Island for about $60-70 a day. Not bad.

So we Look forward to hearing people’s fire island, NY Stories or any crazy summer beach story you have. Or if you attended Flynn’s Swimsuit Contest we want to hear from you since we missed it due to the forecast of a storm that never came. Send us your stories via comments or email’s or photo’s.


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