The Budget Single Guys Guide to FireIsland pt 2

The First Part of our Guide mostly Consisted of Kismet. Now in Part 2 We Delve into going a bit more east, This is the point where I can NOT stress Enough to carry a bottle of water with you when you go exploring or walking and you will see why in a Moment.

The Next Trip to Fire Island in July started from the Bay Shore Marina at 10:00 Am to Kismet. Our Goal was to walk to the next town and what better way then walking the beach. Right? Boy was I wrong This part I considered the Nightmare. I got off the Ferry at Kismet, Stopped at the Inn to buy a bottle of water and then headed out to the beach and walked east a few miles….
1 Hours Later While STILL walking on the beach east I saw some signs of life, a few sun bather’s to told me it was a short distance to the next big town Ocean Beach. Great so i continued to Walk….and walk….and walk…an additional 1 1/2 hour later (this equals 2 1/2 hrs walking) I arrived on the Beach of Ocean Beach. Tired, sore, and to the point of dehydrated I walked the extra 10 minutes into the town of ocean beach directly walking into the Pizza shop the first place I saw had 2 slices and a Large soda. Feeling Sated I decided to walk around and find a place to have lunch…Yes that was not a Typo and believe me after walking that far you work up an appetite.
Now in Ocean Beach I Discovered Castaways which was a nice Restaurant/Bar  with very pretty waitress’ and definitely the Best Wings on Fire Island. They were mainly Regular Wings with Only BBQ Sauce on them and buffalo sauce on side with Blue cheese for Dipping. That and a Beer there Cost me under $20 which including the pizza and soda earlier was only $35.

I continued my wanderings as always this 45 yr old Guy is always looking for a good singles Scene and hoping my odds would improve on Fire Island I ventured into The Sandbar. Now this was the First time I was there and I will admit the band was playing and all the 21-28 yr old girls were there and men of all ages again outnumbered the woman. I had 1 drink costing $6 looked around noting the Flip Flops on the ceiling and left after an hour or 2 and continued onto Ocean Beach.

We made a few other stops in at Maguires, Albatross, Island Mermaid and Housers having 1 Beer in each place $24 which brought my total for the day to about $60. Again There were times the men greatly outnumbered the woman and times a place was literally dead empty (Yes at 3pm-4pm) So Im pretty sure the Nightlife doesnt begin to start until after 7pm which means your spending 2 nights in a hotel for over $400 since there are no 1 night stays and ferry will leave at 8pm or water taxi over for over $150. Ending Our Night At Isle Mermaid sitting out back with our last beer waiting for the Taxi to come in, I spoke to a few people trying to get a handle on the nightlife and single scene and there was little talk. In fact some ladies were rather rude, one even commented that They let anyone in there. We did not know that our ferry ticket would take us back from Ocean beach to Bay Shore as when we asked we were told where you arrive is where you leave. So we took the Water Taxi back from Ocean beach to Kismet for $6. When I arrived I still had 30 minutes until the Ferry so walked into Surf’s out and Had a last beer before heading out. Total for the Day about $66-70.

We did have a fun time on the Taxi as we met a group of Russian Girls On vacation from the Ukraine and altho their accent was hard to understand we did have a good conversation, I couldn’t believe how open they were either but they asked me about places on Ocean Beach which I told them and then they departed commented how they had to go find some “Hot Guys to mess with”. My luck…

I was on my way home 9pm ferry arriving in bay shore around 10 (times are off I’m going by memory)

Look for Part 3 in a few days..and tell us your stories…we KNOW you have some

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