The Budget Single Guys Guide to Fire Island part1

This is more of an Insane Normal Budget Guide for a Single Guy Visiting Fire Island for the day During the Summer. This Was all Done on a Budget of only $100 to Spend on Fire Island starting from the Ferry Ride over from Bay Shore at 10am and then Arriving On Fire Island For this trip Kismet 15 minutes later. In this little Guide I will tell you How I went and Events along the way and suggestion’s for others which may be costly or cheaper.
I will Say Everyone Needs to utilize the FireIslandTaxi’s are they are invaluable.

With that we started out On Our first Attempt after Years Going to Fire Island – We went to Robert Moses State Park Field 5, Parked our Car all the way to the left of the lot. We then got on the boardwalk heading East towards the lighthouse for a good 5 miles or so. Yes it is about a five mile walk to the lighthouse where they have a restroom and soda machine or water, but Consider it a rest stop. Continuing East another 5 miles or so you hit the Little town of Kismet.
Now Kismet is small consisting mainly of Surfs Out Restaurant/Bar which has good food and drinks. There is the Kismet Inn which Confuses people as they are not a hotel but another restaurant/bar which has good Mild yet a little spicy Chicken Wings. There’s a Market and Marina and the Pizza place. That’s about it. I will note the Surf’s Out Is an older crowd 30-70 from what I saw there and was packed with people. Good Spot for Singles and if your over by Ferry the Ferry Leaves and arrives at the end of the Dock from Surf’s Out. For Day Trippers they Have the ONLY Lockers available on Fire Island and Showers around back by the tennis court’s, But you MUST supply your own lock or walk 10 miles to next town with hardware store to buy a lock-Which is what I had to do. It is a nice little place since the Beach is roughly a 8 minute walk down the path and 5 minutes walk to ferry it is pretty much a straightforward mark and you can do the whole thing depending on how much you drink and eat for about $30-46.
Now I will make special Mention Of the Special Beach at the end of the path and 5 minutes west which is the Nude Beach. Unfortunately the few times I went and passed it and even walked down the Beach, the Nude beach consisted mostly of Men. Oh wait excuse me there was 1 70 Yr old woman on the nude beach but it was mostly a sausage fest. But it is a fun day, But there is one special note on ANY walking you do on Fire Island, Get yourself a bottle of water and stay hydrated beforehand. You will find out why I suggest this in my second Guide.

Fire Island is alot of Fun for a Single Guy on a Budget or anyone really. I can’t honestly assess the singles Scene as there seemed to be a whole lot of men and woman and seemed the men outnumbered the woman 3-1.

This trip was in June. We would love to hear from others who have visited fire island or stayed overnight or their adventures. We might even pick a story to tell on our show at some point or make special mention of you on our Website.


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