Repost: Wow Doomed?

Posted on Saturday, October 22, 2011

So Blizzcon Kicked off this friday and they announced their next BIG Expansion for Wow – Mists of Pandaria a small expansion, a new race Pandaren with 1 new class Monk and a small continent with no other content. Stating this will fix the problems they made in Cataclysim it poses the Question – Is Wow Doomed? They started out with World of Warcraft which became a hit announcing a new expansion Every Year (trying to be Everquest?)
Yes it was a Hit, but then came The Burning Legion, Wrath of Lich King, Cataclysim. In that Time we have seen Shaman, Worgen, Goblin and 1 hero class death Knights.
We have seen Content that was available to all casual and hardcore gamers tailored to the Hardcore Raiders by making it harder for casual’s to play. We have Seen Content so limited that even tho some Japanese and Chinese players would finish and expansion within  2 days, people would get bored and leave the game due to lack of content. Not to mention development of other blizzard games seeming to take a priority.
Im a gamer and im disappointed, Im not at blizzcon but have already read at leave 50 people comment they will try the panda monk neutral class playable by horde or alliance before they quit wow altogether. Notice Class Adds like other Rpg’s yet? Well They already lost thousands before Cataclysm came out so could this bee the end for Wow? How fast will people complete this next expansion before they get bored and quit? Think of this Alot of games come and go, PC is a dying Breed and only good for RPG’s now, But Look at Sony’s Everquest 14 expansions tons of content and still going strong…Whats Next? Your thoughts?

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