Repost: In Memorium

Posted  on Monday, August 22, 2011

This Post is a Memorium to a Dearly Departed Friend, who we lost to Cancer Aug 16, 2011 @ 2am.
My Childhood friend, A Girl I group up with, A Girl who was my first Crush, My First Kiss on the Cheek, My First True Friend, The First Girl Who never Judged, Lost her 6 yr battle with Cancer Dying Early in the Morning.
We grew up down the Block from each other and went to grade school together and a few years of High School before we lost touch until 2000. A few of us in Class of ’81 Gathered for a Grade school reunion where me and Jennifer Reconnected, exchanging numbers but playing phone tag for a large part of the year before we caught up again in 2001 at another reunion. Reconnecting we all laughed and Enjoyed the times and She caught me up on what was going on, I told her she could always count on me if she ever needed anything I would be there for her. Shortly Afterwards her phone was disconnected, I never heard from my friend again.

Then Almost 10 yrs later, Via Her little Sister who I myself haven’t seen in 20+ yrs and by way of another friend found out that for the past 6 yrs she was battling Cancer and was loosing the battle. She would be going home to God with the next week or so. Two weeks and a Day later She passed, peacefully in her sleep into God’s arms. Leaving Behind a Family, 3 Sisters, her mother and Father  and Many friends and relatives who are all grieving at the lost of this Beautifully Vibrant Girl.

My friend Jennifer  Passed at the age of 44, the same age as myself, a victim of Cancer. This has forever altered many lives but we were all blessed to have her in our lives.

*** RIP JENNIFER *** Forever in my Heart and Soul – Forever a part of our lives.

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