Repost: Icon 31 Review w/ foto’s

Posted  on Monday, April 2, 2012

Icon 31 is Done and Gone as we now wait for Icon 32 News a few weeks before Next Years Con we have posted Photo’s up on our Facebook page if you click Icon 31 Album
Also for Alot More Videos Check our Official Youtube Channel :

As for our Review this is Just a fun filled weekend with a few pitfalls…This is what we planned to see and the outcomes. The Con had very little communication between the info desk and staff, I picked up my tickets friday Evening at 4:30 and chatted with people on the line who were impressed how fast it was moving. (this was before I had my booklet with times) I then went down to Vendor room that was scheduled to open at 5:30 but didnt open until 6 which coincidentally was the time of the con actually opening and panels (just like its been for past 12 yrs) Rush across campus to Sac 311 for Evolution of Gaming Market which was mostly about EA and console gaming nothing that was listed in schedule, stayed 26 mins before running to Javits 102 for how to raise money on low budget film, very quiet and uninteresting i left after 15 mins, off to vendor room which definitely was surprisingly empty and alot of vendors that were there for years not around. But apparently items were marked up more then in their own retail stores. Off to Sac 311 for so you want to be a game designer which was interesting (15 mins of video almost posted)  Then the problem began I ran to Javits 100 for the 9pm Cosplay Burlesque show which started late at 9:30pm, After it starts they announce there is no media allowed except for their own photographer and icon staff press was barred which when I spoke to someone told me since they are a 3rd party they requested that and I felt its something press shouldve known at beginning of the con specially when Icon Staff confirmed that and apologized (it wasnt even their fault it was the company).
Saturday Began Late due to a family birthday I arrived from bayshore to stonybrook in 15 mins to attend Javits 100 Cosplay Competition and arrived at 7pm to be told there was so many people they rushed thru it in 1 hr and cancelled the rest of it (9-11pm) So I was angry since this was the main thing we HAD to cover. Nobody on staff at all knew what happened and wouldnt comment on it. I also sat in on Icons Got Talent and saw great voice of Nicole (see video) The one good thing is I managed to get to see Voltaire that night and it was an EXCELLENT Performance (see special video he did for Stonybrook)

Sunday Last night Hit the Time Travel Panel which was really great and informative then ran to the Everquest Panel which sadly for the 2 guys running panel I was the only one to show up. I went back and forth to the vendor room photographing people and attending the penguin party by physics (see photos and videos)
Then the moment 30 people waited on Icon 2013 to find out what was happening next year to find out it was cancelled the active word Circulating was Staff couldnt be bothered because they didnt even know what to do but concensus was Hofstra next year and holiday Inn in ronkonkoma (no comment from me) Off to the Icon Fashion show where only 10 people showed up the first 15 mins and nobody in the show I left (but more came later). We also managed to see Dr Who Cosplay Competition which is mainly a photoshoot outside by ESS but alot of Great Costumes…

Now  I also made stops into the console gaming room where there was few people and the focus was fighting tournaments. The RPG room wasnt packed at all either as a few Big Name vendors were missing and i had to field questions from people who remembered me covering them. Plus we had alot of great Cosplayers roaming around and were very honored to have their photo’s taken.

Now in my opinion any convention should be in 1 location with everything Panels, Gaming, Films, 24 hr gaming, food, hotels in 1 place or within very close proximity. Now a few yrs ago Icon was at brentwood which was good except for having things spread out at 2 seperate hotels. Now we have suggested special actresses that would bring in an additional 100-3000 fans to icon for 3 of em (2 actress and 1 actor) and were told no. We asked for a fan table and wifi access to broadcast from and were told no when we originally had it years ago.

The Con had its ups and down but over past 12 yrs this reporter has seen The Con starts membership pickup about 5pm on friday and con and panels and vendor starts at 6pm, the con scheduled to end at 5pm on sunday with occassional 5-6pm panels never runs til 5 as most vendors are told at 4pm to start packing to be out at 5. We feel for them. I have seen the numbers drop and its a mixture of the economy and lack of communication between the membership and staff and scheduling. I have heard many complain about how they release the schedule 4 days before the convention when they have a tentative one from first of the year that can change without notice and 7 out of 10 people i spoke with were ok if there was a sudden change as long as they had a chance someone was coming.
But it was a Fun time and since we started going to Icon 12 yrs ago we look forward to the next one and hope they have us

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