Results of Corp Meeting

Well Folks We Called for a Corporate Meeting and sat down with the Big Boys to discuss the Status of the Show and Such. After Much Deliberations (plus cheers for the free donuts!) We have Voted and Agreed on Keeping the Show Name as is – Thus InsanityAfterDark will Live on and we will start putting together press releases regarding the Launch of our Blog and Importing All the Other Posts from our Blog into Archives here. Thus here’s A short list that was agreed Upon…

  •  Keep Show Name
  • Choose New Stage Name
  • Fire Mr. E (Done month’s ago)
  • Institute New Blog and Archive past Blog Posts from old site
  • Launch New Blog and Press Release it
  • Marketing, Marketing, Marketing
  • Rework on Broadcast site Both Video and Audio Switchboard to take Calls
  • Schedule More Guest Interviews and Musical Guests
  • Incorporate Audio and Video into Site
  • Use Fan Feedback (which we have done before)
  • More Contests
  • Blogcasting from host and Affiliates.
  • Go Mobile
  • Appeal to Woman not only to Men, So if there is a Hot Body Contest it Must Include both Men and woman
  • More Gaming, Comedy, Independent Music
  • Purchase a Shorter Domain Name

Well those who follow us and read we want to hear your feedback on this. Thoughts, Suggestions and Opinions are always welcome.


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