As Summer Ends..We Remember Fire Island

Ok so as the Summer Comes to a Close, Yes we know there is 1 week left before Labor day Weekend and the official end of the Summer We realize we had alot of fun this Summer. We took a nice 20 mile walk from Kismet on Fire Island over to Ocean Beach and further to Flynn’s in Ocean Bay park. Yes we Walked and definitely paid for it the next few days. We had fun on the beach and found some great places to eat for lunch and Dinner a few times, Castaways with great wings and Pretty Waitress’s was one. Then We found Maguire’s and Island Mermaid along with Houser’s. We even ran into a very sexy bartender we know from the Gym working at Sandbar, Very Hot young lady. But alas all the woman we ran across and spoke to were all 22-26 yr olds and we did not meet anyone over the age of 27. Odd for this 45 yr old guy as I felt Like the old man at a teen club.

Now we heard all the hype about Flynn’s and walked on over to it a few times and let me tell you, this was the Most Packed spot on Fire Island at 2pm in the afternoon, but again all young girls. We did not mind the few who hit on me and bought me drinks which surprised me as I’m usually the one buying for ladies but definitely a young crowd.

So we Decided this Saturday August 25, 2012 we will make our last Saturday Run to Fire Island Visiting all our fun places, Which we will be blogging from each location as we get there about the place. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. What are your favorite places on Fire Island, NY ??

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