The Budget Single Guys Guide to FireIsland pt4

Did you think we didn’t save the best Guide for last? Did you think we were not going to mention the most valuable tool you want and need for fire island exploration. Now Mind you it might put some people off figuring well its a website so I will never get a response…WRONG!! You not only get responses from other people on the site but the Guy who runs it actually responds and provides extra info even his own opinions on advice from his own experience which is invaluable.

Ok do we have you wanting more? Head on over to

Thats right thats the Facebook page for the site

This site has everything you would need to learn about fire island starting with Daily Beach reports by and intrepid reporter who gives you the actual beach report with Video From the Shoreline. A must have if you plan on spending time on the beach and swimming since you really can not trust the weather forecasts anymore.
Along with that you get a slew of information has all you need to know. Now the Facebook page is a bit different from the website, as the Facebook page you can ask a general question to the population and get responses from fellow Fire islander’s as well as the guy who runs the sight. Where are you going to find a place where you can ask a question and get an expert’s advice. Now if your Looking to stay on Fire Island for a minimum of 2 days well the Website has all info on Fire Island Hotels like which we have picked as the Best Hotel to stay at on Fireisland even if your just going for a 2 night stay you can get a decent priced room for a modest amount.

Now of course if your young and looking to party you would want to visit Flynn’s out in Ocean Bay park and if you aren’t sure well they have a facebook page too

One Thing I will make note of For you Day Trippers is the fact that you can NOT find a place to stay on Fire Island Overnight. So if you miss the last Ferry Home (See and don’t have $100 to spend on a cross bay Water Taxi (See your pretty Much Screwed. I know they want to Make money, hence why most rooms are expensive as hell (most $200+ for a 2 night stay and need to be booked 1 month in advance min), if they Made Rooms available to be rented for 1 day heck make it $50 for the night I am sure they would be swamped and soled out fast. My reason for this is those who come to FireIsland with a Bag, cooler, beachwear, and then in afternoon decide to check out some bars or nightlife you either have to leave your bags outside the bar and hope nobody takes them or have to just leave and head home ending your adventure. A Day Room provides you with a Locked place to keep your stuff until the next day and also provides you for a place to spend the night should you miss the ferry or have way to much to drink..

Well that concludes our Fire Island Guides For Now…We might have 1 or 2 more coming dealing with Nightlife and the Singles Scene but it has to be organized first….We hope you enjoyed our guides and if so feel free to like it and follow and share it with your friends.

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The Budget Single Guys Guide to FireIsland pt 3

Well We come to the End of our Little Budget Guide, Remember this is just one Guys adventures on Fire Island with very Little Cash spent. Mind you I had went with about $300 in my pocket since I was always afraid of missing the last ferry home and having to try and bribe a hotel to let me spend night in the lobby. They really need to Start renting Day rooms out for 1 night visits, Yea they make more money on 2 night stay’s but come on. Also they Need to have Locker’s available for day trippers to keep a bag of like a towel and swimsuit in there for anyone who doesn’t want to carry a bag around with them from bar to bar to bar. Just my opinion anyway.

Ok Last Day Trip to Fire Island we cut out the Middle Man and went Straight over via Ferry To Ocean Beach or as some call it the Land of No. Now they have gotten looser with the laws there now and are not as strict but still have no problem ticketing you if you step out of line, or so I am told.

Arriving In Ocean Beach at 9 am this one Saturday there was a threat of a Large storm in the evening hours so I had to watch the weather. I went to the beach for a while, swam in the warm ocean waters before heading into town to hit Castaways For some Wings and Beer. Now one Note on Castaway’s, The Food is delicious as I spoke to a few customer’s around me but the Hostess was smoking Hot as all the waitress’. Now I am absolutely sure they were 18-23 years old but definitely pretty ladies. Spent $20 here for Lunch before walking around Ocean Beach for a hour checking the Stores, People watching which I do alot. Flirting with Woman and asking questions, where to one point there was one girl who was being such a B**ch to people I introduced myself from the radioshow and asked her boyshort’s or thongs and watched as she lifted her skirt to show me. Now remember earlier I said the Land of No Got lenient until you stepped out of line? Well here is when I got to see a Police Officer In action come out and give this girl a Stern Talking to for standing in the middle of the Town and exposing her Underwear. I grinned and walked away, revenge was a bit sweet.

Then News Came in, the Storm was Fast approaching Earlier and they were advising people to leave the island SOON if they did Not have a place to stay on the Island. That Cut my adventure down, so I went by Houser’s again and noted  there was only about 4 people in bar 3 guys and 1 girl not including the bartender and nobody out back. I checked Maguire’s which was so packed with people I was told wait to get to the Bar was 1 hour. I walked over to Island Mermaid which was busy and looked inviting and again told wait to get into the restaurant was 1 hour and the bar was packed that There was no way to drink anything without spilling it.

I decided to take a short walk, (will I ever Learn??) From Ocean Beach thru Seaview to Ocean Bay Park and Flynn’s. The Place was Jamming with good music and a small crowd that was increasing every 10 minutes. But it was definitely populated by the younger 21-27 crowd. I bought myself a beer and sat out on the deck people watching, I flirted with a few woman, who couldn’t be bothered to flirt back before I had a group of girl’s sitting at a table next to me all discussing cheating on their boyfriends. Yes I was so impressed I commented and Left. I went back to Ocean Beach which by the way is only a short 30 min walk from Flynn’s in Ocean Bay Park.

Then I found the Place…Sandbar…Band was setting up, tables were out and was fully of people eating and drinking Rocket Fuel (which I am upset about not getting to try again this summer). But as I sat at a table checking out the waitress’ butt I was shocked when she turned around and I saw this Sexy Young Lady who works at Gold’s Gym PT as a second job working there. Now this girl is a young College Girl with a Rocking Sexy body and more talkative then she was at the Gym. But I was so shocked by seeing Her I did not even manage to get the words together to even attempt to ask her out. Although I must admit she works out alot cause her Butt was dead sexy. She is a sweet girl and Asked how long I was staying because someone else told her they were telling people to take the Next ferry off the island if they didn’t have a room. I was tempted to comment but was too nice of a guy. I paid my tab, said Goodbye and left for the 3pm Ferry Home. Total for the Day $56

Now there were other times I wanted to go back before The end of the Summer But I could never find out the best places or times to go, The Hotels and Inn were all expensive and wanted you to spend minimum of 2 nights for over $260 plus If I was going back I had to decide whether goto the beach with just swimsuit under my shorts and a towel and later throwing out the towel or just going over in afternoon from 5-7pm for drinks before taking last ferry back. Either way I managed to make 3 visits to Fire Island for about $60-70 a day. Not bad.

So we Look forward to hearing people’s fire island, NY Stories or any crazy summer beach story you have. Or if you attended Flynn’s Swimsuit Contest we want to hear from you since we missed it due to the forecast of a storm that never came. Send us your stories via comments or email’s or photo’s.


The Budget Single Guys Guide to FireIsland pt 2

The First Part of our Guide mostly Consisted of Kismet. Now in Part 2 We Delve into going a bit more east, This is the point where I can NOT stress Enough to carry a bottle of water with you when you go exploring or walking and you will see why in a Moment.

The Next Trip to Fire Island in July started from the Bay Shore Marina at 10:00 Am to Kismet. Our Goal was to walk to the next town and what better way then walking the beach. Right? Boy was I wrong This part I considered the Nightmare. I got off the Ferry at Kismet, Stopped at the Inn to buy a bottle of water and then headed out to the beach and walked east a few miles….
1 Hours Later While STILL walking on the beach east I saw some signs of life, a few sun bather’s to told me it was a short distance to the next big town Ocean Beach. Great so i continued to Walk….and walk….and walk…an additional 1 1/2 hour later (this equals 2 1/2 hrs walking) I arrived on the Beach of Ocean Beach. Tired, sore, and to the point of dehydrated I walked the extra 10 minutes into the town of ocean beach directly walking into the Pizza shop the first place I saw had 2 slices and a Large soda. Feeling Sated I decided to walk around and find a place to have lunch…Yes that was not a Typo and believe me after walking that far you work up an appetite.
Now in Ocean Beach I Discovered Castaways which was a nice Restaurant/Bar  with very pretty waitress’ and definitely the Best Wings on Fire Island. They were mainly Regular Wings with Only BBQ Sauce on them and buffalo sauce on side with Blue cheese for Dipping. That and a Beer there Cost me under $20 which including the pizza and soda earlier was only $35.

I continued my wanderings as always this 45 yr old Guy is always looking for a good singles Scene and hoping my odds would improve on Fire Island I ventured into The Sandbar. Now this was the First time I was there and I will admit the band was playing and all the 21-28 yr old girls were there and men of all ages again outnumbered the woman. I had 1 drink costing $6 looked around noting the Flip Flops on the ceiling and left after an hour or 2 and continued onto Ocean Beach.

We made a few other stops in at Maguires, Albatross, Island Mermaid and Housers having 1 Beer in each place $24 which brought my total for the day to about $60. Again There were times the men greatly outnumbered the woman and times a place was literally dead empty (Yes at 3pm-4pm) So Im pretty sure the Nightlife doesnt begin to start until after 7pm which means your spending 2 nights in a hotel for over $400 since there are no 1 night stays and ferry will leave at 8pm or water taxi over for over $150. Ending Our Night At Isle Mermaid sitting out back with our last beer waiting for the Taxi to come in, I spoke to a few people trying to get a handle on the nightlife and single scene and there was little talk. In fact some ladies were rather rude, one even commented that They let anyone in there. We did not know that our ferry ticket would take us back from Ocean beach to Bay Shore as when we asked we were told where you arrive is where you leave. So we took the Water Taxi back from Ocean beach to Kismet for $6. When I arrived I still had 30 minutes until the Ferry so walked into Surf’s out and Had a last beer before heading out. Total for the Day about $66-70.

We did have a fun time on the Taxi as we met a group of Russian Girls On vacation from the Ukraine and altho their accent was hard to understand we did have a good conversation, I couldn’t believe how open they were either but they asked me about places on Ocean Beach which I told them and then they departed commented how they had to go find some “Hot Guys to mess with”. My luck…

I was on my way home 9pm ferry arriving in bay shore around 10 (times are off I’m going by memory)

Look for Part 3 in a few days..and tell us your stories…we KNOW you have some

The Budget Single Guys Guide to Fire Island part1

This is more of an Insane Normal Budget Guide for a Single Guy Visiting Fire Island for the day During the Summer. This Was all Done on a Budget of only $100 to Spend on Fire Island starting from the Ferry Ride over from Bay Shore at 10am and then Arriving On Fire Island For this trip Kismet 15 minutes later. In this little Guide I will tell you How I went and Events along the way and suggestion’s for others which may be costly or cheaper.
I will Say Everyone Needs to utilize the FireIslandTaxi’s are they are invaluable.

With that we started out On Our first Attempt after Years Going to Fire Island – We went to Robert Moses State Park Field 5, Parked our Car all the way to the left of the lot. We then got on the boardwalk heading East towards the lighthouse for a good 5 miles or so. Yes it is about a five mile walk to the lighthouse where they have a restroom and soda machine or water, but Consider it a rest stop. Continuing East another 5 miles or so you hit the Little town of Kismet.
Now Kismet is small consisting mainly of Surfs Out Restaurant/Bar which has good food and drinks. There is the Kismet Inn which Confuses people as they are not a hotel but another restaurant/bar which has good Mild yet a little spicy Chicken Wings. There’s a Market and Marina and the Pizza place. That’s about it. I will note the Surf’s Out Is an older crowd 30-70 from what I saw there and was packed with people. Good Spot for Singles and if your over by Ferry the Ferry Leaves and arrives at the end of the Dock from Surf’s Out. For Day Trippers they Have the ONLY Lockers available on Fire Island and Showers around back by the tennis court’s, But you MUST supply your own lock or walk 10 miles to next town with hardware store to buy a lock-Which is what I had to do. It is a nice little place since the Beach is roughly a 8 minute walk down the path and 5 minutes walk to ferry it is pretty much a straightforward mark and you can do the whole thing depending on how much you drink and eat for about $30-46.
Now I will make special Mention Of the Special Beach at the end of the path and 5 minutes west which is the Nude Beach. Unfortunately the few times I went and passed it and even walked down the Beach, the Nude beach consisted mostly of Men. Oh wait excuse me there was 1 70 Yr old woman on the nude beach but it was mostly a sausage fest. But it is a fun day, But there is one special note on ANY walking you do on Fire Island, Get yourself a bottle of water and stay hydrated beforehand. You will find out why I suggest this in my second Guide.

Fire Island is alot of Fun for a Single Guy on a Budget or anyone really. I can’t honestly assess the singles Scene as there seemed to be a whole lot of men and woman and seemed the men outnumbered the woman 3-1.

This trip was in June. We would love to hear from others who have visited fire island or stayed overnight or their adventures. We might even pick a story to tell on our show at some point or make special mention of you on our Website.


Repost:Icon 30 Review

Posted  on Friday, April 29, 2011
This is in no way negative its just my experience from this Years Icon : In previous years anything that was done that we couldnt understand or questioned or Guy in marketing Did not want to answer resulted in us being banned for 2 yrs, mostly cause When we asked questions we were told shut up and just pay.

First We checked in Early Because we were always stuck in long lines whether we went on friday, Saturday or Sunday and usually got there 1-2 hours prior to 9am opening to get thru fast since first panels were at 9am.

This year there was no long lines except for friday night which was extremely Long and we managed to get into the press line and check in for our press packet of badge and guidelines which like all other Conventions was just a Badge. Then we went to check out our press room which was disappointing but we didnt spend much time there, specially since it was just a room and tables, No computer and no staff which we understand they didnt have to be able to man it like other conventions do…Altho we did make use of it Sunday for a nice interview with Game Designer Brandon Osario.

We were off into the con.

We did find it funny that alot of people know us now coming here for 10 yrs…

The Only 2 “hiccups” we came across was a very bad volunteer? at Julie Benz First Autograph signing that actually put 20 of us in a corner and left us there despite what the trackleader or her handler had said…
First Julie Gave a great Q & A and Gave Icon much love and props for the convention and we went to the autograph signing and while on line as i was getting my autograph i asked the Person in charge of her if I was allowed to take a photo of her while she signs my autograph she didnt need to stand or pose cause she was busy and i was told sure. The Volunteer came up to me when i took out my camera and told me i wasn’t allowed to take any pictures I had to go  wait on the line in corner for photos After all autographs were signed. We were then left there for 30 mins with no communication, no mind you while we waited the 35 of us on line say 23 people walked up get autograpghs and take a picture of Julie Smiling for them before they moved on Then I contacted Press Liason who forwarded my issue to info booth, no idea if they got any information or not but  i spotted a Security member who was able to get me someone in staff shirt. I explained what happened and he apologized profusely and walked me over to get the picture for the 3 mins it took me and we were moving again, total time waiting on line for autograph 2 hours 23 mins

Then we went to a few panels met some great people and then their was a incident in game room i witnessed but wasnt part of so I only know what I was told by the Game Participants, In a nutshell there wasn’t any communication between staff in that room which caused a game to start late. Apparently Board games assumed 2 tables were open and let gamers set up there where the rpg table knew the tables were assigned to a gaming company.

We missed the Medievil stuff out front on physics lawn but understand how some weren’t available due to their schedules, and the wind made the superhero auditions tough. The Few times I checked in at info desk they had no news other than what was on the board. I couldnt even cover the award dinner because we had no info about how to get there until 2 hours later but also found out that that info was in the schedule which we didnt know, (see press packet below)

The Lolita Fashion Show and Gamer Girls Panel was Awesome so was Actors Gil Gerard and Julie Benz. I wanted to Thank everyone who participated for making it an Excellent Icon Guestwise altho im sure everyone would have loved to see more guests. We understand The initial guest list isnt released early since things change but it should be released early for people to get an initial idea of when they can come specially since Icon plasters the disclaimer everywhere that things can change at a moments notice.

I did feel bad for the Actors and Panelists because even tho there was Microphones in each room they were not allowed to use the audio which made some Panels very hard to here being in back of a crowded room.

Dealers room was subdued whether it was the recession or not we dont know but there was Alot less vendors then we normally see. Also starting at 10am in my opinion was a bad idea, in years past Icon would open at 9am and first panel was at 9, this year everything started on weekend at 10am due to spring break we are told, so back an hour and less time.

All in all it was a Great Convention and only one of 4 Left in New York as Conventions are Fading away due to the economy and other problems. We were sad our good friends Actress’ Debbie Rochon and Alexia Anastasio which were Icon staples for 6 yrs and brought in over 1000 memberships werent there.

Already waiting for Icon 31….
One Idea i noticed which was awesome, Guest Celebrities Did panels and autographs on all 3 days rather than normal 1 day as in past which meant everyone has 3 chances to catch panels/guests. !

Now each convention we goto is a new experience for us but mostly all of them give us a press pass, guidelines, convention schedule or booklet, any cancellations or press conference schedules, a room with a computer and water , and press did get a little bit of first priority treatment, for example in dealers rooms before open to public, or press pictures we did NOT have to pay for since we were covering the event especially if that celebrity Publicist spoke to us prior to the event and approved it.
Now we did miss the hentai and adult anime which we wanted to cover because the members made those so awesome mostly by creating the dialogue on the ones that werent in english…(like brentwood icon).

We went to the World of Warcraft Panel and while it wasnt as packed as recent years we heard the guy running it who was pulled out of a LARP he wanted to be involved in because there was nobody to run the wow Panel. Then we hit the Rift Panel Sunday and left after there was only 3 members there after 30 mins….We hit The Harry Potter Panel which i was surprised wasnt packed or mightve filled after we left 15 mins later. We hit the Lolita Fashion show and got great pictures and 2 interviews with 2 models, I thought it was a great event and hope it returns next year.

We caught alot of Photos of people in Cosplay but not as many as we are used to seeing for some reason. Photos can be seen on our facebook page.

Signage going to Icon was bad that person needed to be whipped, 1 sign off exit 61 of LIE showing to get off exit 62 and no other signs at all. If i didnt know where i was going I wouldve been lost.
We also Noticed ALOT of Blank time slots in schedule which we werent sure of, but all in all it was a Great Time.
I just think there needs to be better communication , icon went from -43 communication rating during past icons up to about a +60 which is an impressive almost 120% improvement.


Repost: Interview with Nicole Fashionista

Posted  on Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We Managed to Sit down with Icon 30 Fashion Mogul and Long Island  Fashionista Nicole Fashionista. Now of Course thats not her last name but you don’t need to know that. We first want to thank Nicole for a great interview with us and taking the time to meet us on this rainy May Day and spending 40 minutes discussing Lolita Fashion and Cosplay with us.
The Full Interview Will Air Wed May 18th in Either its entirety depending on Time Allowance otherwise it will air in two parts over the next two show’s. We will of course be updating the Links on our new interview page we put up with our guests listed on it. So we hope you enjoy this interview we will be airing on our show, as always feel free to comment in our feedback section. For all things Lolita Fashion or Cosplay Check out the Links we will be putting up on Nicoles Interview Page over next few days..

Repost: Gaming & TwitchTwitch

Posted  on Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tonight on InsanityAfterDark (IAD) we discuss all things gaming. With E3 finally over we discuss some of what we have seen and heard including some disappointments. We talk about Coverage, We talk about Booth Babes, we even review the much anticipated D&D Release of Daggerdale for the PC, lets just say Id prefer a root Canal…

We also did a mini interview with TwitchTwitchProductions and have a little info about LivingDeadMafia and Broke the news about LI Horror Convention Returning to the NY Area which is a Huge Deal for East Coast people.

Repost: In Memorium

Posted  on Monday, August 22, 2011

This Post is a Memorium to a Dearly Departed Friend, who we lost to Cancer Aug 16, 2011 @ 2am.
My Childhood friend, A Girl I group up with, A Girl who was my first Crush, My First Kiss on the Cheek, My First True Friend, The First Girl Who never Judged, Lost her 6 yr battle with Cancer Dying Early in the Morning.
We grew up down the Block from each other and went to grade school together and a few years of High School before we lost touch until 2000. A few of us in Class of ’81 Gathered for a Grade school reunion where me and Jennifer Reconnected, exchanging numbers but playing phone tag for a large part of the year before we caught up again in 2001 at another reunion. Reconnecting we all laughed and Enjoyed the times and She caught me up on what was going on, I told her she could always count on me if she ever needed anything I would be there for her. Shortly Afterwards her phone was disconnected, I never heard from my friend again.

Then Almost 10 yrs later, Via Her little Sister who I myself haven’t seen in 20+ yrs and by way of another friend found out that for the past 6 yrs she was battling Cancer and was loosing the battle. She would be going home to God with the next week or so. Two weeks and a Day later She passed, peacefully in her sleep into God’s arms. Leaving Behind a Family, 3 Sisters, her mother and Father  and Many friends and relatives who are all grieving at the lost of this Beautifully Vibrant Girl.

My friend Jennifer  Passed at the age of 44, the same age as myself, a victim of Cancer. This has forever altered many lives but we were all blessed to have her in our lives.

*** RIP JENNIFER *** Forever in my Heart and Soul – Forever a part of our lives.

Repost: NYCC Review Oct 15-16 2011

Posted  on Sunday, October 16, 2011

Well We went and covered NY ComicCon Oct 14-15 and Let me tell you what a fun filled exciting day it was. I can not stress enough that this is a Convention in NY that is not only here to stay but Also One Fans Will Love. Nobody should Miss this at all. We saw a variety of panels that were thrilling and exciting and saw some great Stars and Celebrities alike, Including Eliza Dusku (Go Celtics!) Who Signed an autograph for me, Lloyd Kaufman the Genius behind Troma also was present signing Autographs, Blair Herter From G4 Tv was there signing and happy to see His fans and G4 Fans and also Showed that the East Coast isnt forgotten by the West. We also Received great artwork from Chris Burnham over at DC Comics. But we also Ran around like a nut because we couldnt bring our cameraman and other reporter along, so it was a bit stressful.
We were treated to A preview of Once upon a Time coming Oct 23rd which I suggest everyone should watch. Also Coming Nov 11, 2011 is premiere of Green Lantern animated Series which every fan will want to see, I wont tell you what happens but Don’t Miss it. Then After waiting online for almost 4 hours and missing Ghost Rider 2 and Walking Dead we made it into The Avengers. OMG what an exciting Panel that was with 4 castmembers present and G4tv’s Own Chris Hardwick (from the Nerdist Podcast) Moderating. Totally Fun, Exciting and makes you WANT to see The Avengers Now.
All in All Comic-con is a must for any pop culture Fan, Did I mention Batman:Arkham City Panel? Get that Game even if your not a gamer you’ll love it.
My only problems where behind the Curtain so to speak. I spoke with 500 angry upset Fans at 3:30pm-6:30 who like myself were stuck waiting on one line for IGN Theater with no communication as to what was going on. Some fans who came to See Ghost rider 2 or walking dead or avengers were all mixed on same like so many missed out on them due to lack of communication and putting everyone into a cattle pit. One Young lady drove 3 hrs from albany,ny to come to the convention to spend her entire day sitting online for a panel (walking dead) that she wanted to see and missed it only to leave and start heading back to albany, claiming she won’t be back. People If you have suggestions or constructive criticism write to the Con and tell them nicely, maybe they can fix these issues. I know 400 people who were ready to riot due to VIP’s Getting to bypass the line soon as they entered at 5pm over those waiting since 2pm.But watch for our full review on This next weeks Show. No negativity just an honest Fan’s review. We Will be back next year..Visit our for the photo’s and find if your one of em. If so Contact us

Repost: Wow Doomed?

Posted on Saturday, October 22, 2011

So Blizzcon Kicked off this friday and they announced their next BIG Expansion for Wow – Mists of Pandaria a small expansion, a new race Pandaren with 1 new class Monk and a small continent with no other content. Stating this will fix the problems they made in Cataclysim it poses the Question – Is Wow Doomed? They started out with World of Warcraft which became a hit announcing a new expansion Every Year (trying to be Everquest?)
Yes it was a Hit, but then came The Burning Legion, Wrath of Lich King, Cataclysim. In that Time we have seen Shaman, Worgen, Goblin and 1 hero class death Knights.
We have seen Content that was available to all casual and hardcore gamers tailored to the Hardcore Raiders by making it harder for casual’s to play. We have Seen Content so limited that even tho some Japanese and Chinese players would finish and expansion within  2 days, people would get bored and leave the game due to lack of content. Not to mention development of other blizzard games seeming to take a priority.
Im a gamer and im disappointed, Im not at blizzcon but have already read at leave 50 people comment they will try the panda monk neutral class playable by horde or alliance before they quit wow altogether. Notice Class Adds like other Rpg’s yet? Well They already lost thousands before Cataclysm came out so could this bee the end for Wow? How fast will people complete this next expansion before they get bored and quit? Think of this Alot of games come and go, PC is a dying Breed and only good for RPG’s now, But Look at Sony’s Everquest 14 expansions tons of content and still going strong…Whats Next? Your thoughts?